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  1. Guess it depends upon for whom it is a present.
  2. Nah, just looking for a tasty, low-carb and high-protein snack.
  3. Oh, we could make chameleon 'splode. Nothing impossible there. Edit: So nice, I said it twice.
  4. Just trying to come closer to a rhyme. 'Sploder seems like a good name. . . . and here's a great reason to never use the aptly-named "Yahoo Answers": Ack.
  5. The spider doesn't HAVE to be part of the scene.
  6. Are you going to give it turpentine to drink, and cut off its ear?
  7. But apparently there is such a thing as a "broccolitini"?
  8. I'm pleased that Oregon Monkeys are a different species than Arizona Monkeys. Oregon Monkeys don't just leave a poor little one all unattended on the street, like Arizona Monkeys. I remember when I first ordered Un Emile, when I lived in Tucson. Poor little Emile was sitting out on the front step for all the world to see, waiting for someone to abduct him. Fortunately, I arrived in time to rescue him from strange men (or did I?). The Oregon Monkeys left a note telling me I can come pick the twins up at Monkey Day Care. Which I did today . . . Had to drive to work so I could pick them up, and now parked in the shade so the twins won't get overheated in the truck. Granted, these Monkeys STILL don't know how to read instructions like "Call so I may pick up at Day Care"! If they could, I'd have picked up the twins yesterday! jcbphd - I've never heard someone say how much they like an absinthe, then describe it as having candle wax and body odor scents. What unusual tastes you do have!
  9. Interesting! So are you beginning with multiple-source photographic imagery, assembling the composition you want, and then coloring over it to create the finished product?
  10. I love the day after. When they stop playing those same 20 (ok, 12) farkin' songs in every store in the country.
  11. Jane, if you keep putting your chameleon on the tie-dyed sheets, it will explode.
  12. And again I say, not just for institutional use anymore. What, you don't invite friends over for play dates?
  13. I ordered within minutes of receiving the email notification from LdF . . . Now I'm wishing I'd sprung for 2 of the 1797, as well. Ah well.
  14. Only Ubu I know is the one in your avatar. Good dog.
  15. Poor Pee Wee. Leave him alone . . .
  16. Jane, your chameleon isn't blending in very well. Maybe it's broken.
  17. Nice review, and your avatar could inspire a grille, should the right person see it.