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  1. I hear you can get better quality if you pay. Let's ask MasterPC.
  2. Even if he's from LA, I don't think he's THAT shallow . . .
  3. Has he priced it yet? I want one, but I don't think I can swing the price of a fountain for one!
  4. Might better ask what I am NOT learning! Dried apricots and peanuts make a fulfilling afternoon snack. Pan Buh is not just another squishy spider. Oregonians are a bunch of hydrophobic pussies. Pick a topic, I'm learning something.
  5. It saddens me when I see fraudulent and imaginary treatments such as "orgone therapy" and "pyramid therapy" placed on the same level as "herbal therapy". But, I'm sure we'd all be far better off without silly things like aspirin (from willow bark) . . .
  6. Thank you for correcting the order of the good dog and the woof. Saved me having to track down an episode of Family Ties. <shudder>
  7. Why not pick an appropriate location and title, and start a thread with an opening paragraph inviting discussion? Seems like a philosophical sundry to me.
  8. Van Goghbo Fraggle. (American pronunciation, of course.)
  9. And louche it with your see-saw brouiller.
  10. There is no 'life is fair' or 'life is unfair'. Life is.
  11. I don't understand . . . Do I have to click the button on their site before I "Make a Donation"? That could confuse my partner(s).
  12. You may feel free to send me your vinyl. I'll be happy to pay for the mailing labels, as long as you cover the packaging and shipping.
  13. Apparently the active thread on absinthe and music with 455 replies, pinned in this very section, was insufficient? It only goes back a year. Edit: Oops, I now see that the Buh of Pan has already referenced it.
  14. >SIP< "This crap tastes like friggin' Black Lickerish!" >SPIT< Ahh, the memories.
  15. Um, wouldn't the yeasties in a bottle-conditioned beer still be quite dead, poisoned by their own waste? Er, I mean the alcohol? (Yep, we're drinkin' yeastiepoo.) (No relation to )
  16. Depends. Is it early in the day if you've not been to bed yet?
  17. I was distracted by L'Artisanale last night. One glass was plenty, it's definitely a sippin' product! Well, I might not feel that way were it readily available, but . . . it ain't. One of my two bottles went back into its bubble wrap (the one with the undamaged label, of course), and into the styrofoam, and then I put L'Artisanale back in box. Stashed in the back of the cabinet, where I will hopefully leave it alone.