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  1. Playin' catch-up here. Thanks, and a happy bidet to all those whose once-a-year days I've missed.
  2. You really need to open your bottle, by the way... I've not had Helfrich. Nor his absinthe. Does opening the bottle improve the taste, or is WBT better off licking the label 77 times?
  3. Like, say, Lucid? Loose Id: The Authentic Ultimate Panty Remover
  4. There is??? How do you figure? Ever hear of a secret ingredient? A maker can release as much information as he pleases, but isn't, and shouldn't be, required to give any. That's beside the point. Tell it to Coca-Cola. While I used the Coca-Cola example myself at FV, it is only fair to note that every can of Coke has all the ingredients listed. An ingredient list is not the same as a recipe. There are no "secret ingredients" in Coke.
  5. So I guess we won't be sipping any Mansinthe anytime soon? (I dunno, seems like a suitable name. No?)
  6. Don't listen to these people, Boogie Man. They're just trying to keep you from the cure for what ails ya. Go to whatever local health food store carries bulk herbs. Buy wormwood there. 1/4 oz should do. Don't buy the oil, it's too concentrated and will give you seizures. The only winged thing you'll see if you guzzle down oil of wormwood is the angels coming to take you home to Jesus. Or the other way, depending. Mix the dry wormwood with 1/4 oz (combined) of anise and fennel seeds, crushed. If you like some complexity, you can also get some angelica, damiana, and ginger root at the store. But those should be balanced to taste. If you're a fan of cayenne pepper, a sprinkle won't hurt either. Add the herbs to one pint (that's two cups) of boiling water, remove from heat, and let steep 3-5 minutes. Drink unsweetened for best effects; a teeny dribble of honey if you have a sweet tooth, but this may dampen the wormwood's vermifuge effects while heightening the strength of the menstruation it promotes. Should the effects not be as you desire, you may also try this recipe: To divine the face of your future lover, take dried marjoram, thyme, and wormwood, grind them to a powder and cook them gently with honey and vinegar to make a paste. Anoint your third eye center with the mix and ask three times that a vision of your lover's face be granted to you in your sleep. Wear the mixture to bed. You may wish to use old pillowcases when you try this.
  7. Why is that person holding a spoonful of flaming brains over his drink?
  8. Here's a far nicer holiday package to find under your tree:
  9. I'm makin' a list, checkin' it twice . . .
  10. I'm sure your current love of plastic will ensure your safety from the Bunny Pox.
  11. On the set of The Color Purple?
  12. Italian parsley, on the other hand, I'm lends a delightful bouquet and taste dimension all its own.
  13. There's a pinned thread on music. This thread is now about teaching me new things. Get with the program, Pear-y Doh!
  14. I'm guessing the Marilyn Manson product will bear a striking resemblance to the P30 . . . am I mistaken?
  15. Could be worse. Global O Day!
  16. Then I guess you won't be selling yours on eBay.
  17. I heard tell of an Italian parsley recipe some years back.
  18. Is "brining the turkey" a new euphemism, or have I just missed it? Personally, I'm a fan of anything I can cook in the microwave. Like, say, curried chicken with quinoa. Not sure how absinthe would taste in that; I'm thinking not good.
  19. Gee, I was finding it more amusing that an article dated February 28 was describing the events of March 1 in the past tense, not that the article was a year and a half old.
  20. Are any of them fun, or are they all loathsome, self-destructive indulgences?
  21. Having tried vintage clown jerky, I can say that it was not at all bitter. However, it is certainly possible that all the bitter compounds aged out over the decades, or are only found in the tails. We can never be absolutely certain whether vintage clowns were bitter, unless we can create a clown identical in every respect to a vintage clown, then flash-age him 100 years. Until then, we can only guess what clowns tasted like, pre-Ban.
  22. I will not touch your monkey! NO! NO TOUCH YOUR MONKEY!
  23. Hmm, so you ARE real. OK, Happy Barfday.