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  1. Dream interpretation: Conju misses the innocence of his n00b days, when cheap Spanish oil mixes were tasty and he looked forward to Trippin' Balz. Now, his palate is Jaded, and his wallet is drained, and plain vodka just won't cut it anymore. Poor Conju.
  2. Just get Xylene markers. Or get a gallon of Xylene at the hardware store. Cheap, destructive, flammable. Kinda like Hill's.
  3. This thread was brought to you by the letter E and Absynth Squiggle? Got an avatar for ya, Absomphe . . . Nah, I'll use it myself for now.
  4. Sounds doable. And 5.5 hours for Abby.
  5. and this fancy washington ranch?
  6. I do have to say, the flavor of an absinthe with recycled tails (when I know for sure that the tails are recycled) builds with each sip, while the flavor of an absinthe with no knowledge of the disposition of the tails tends to dissipate upon each sip.
  7. Washington Ranch sounds pretty nifty, but I've no idea where it is. I assume in NM. And probably not cheap. It'd be nice to get the Sponge there, and maybe Mr. Eric, too!
  8. 'twere a good one. I didn't even see it coming!
  9. Oh, Jacko . . . thanks for the CO/Oil Mix info here. I recall someone at FV asking how to tell the diff between oil mix and distilled . . . this explains it beautifully. Also, why there will always be a need for >CENSORED? OR NOT?< types, regardless of legalization in the US. Might be worth posting it there, or even suggesting that Kallisti and Hi-Ram and the Stooges add it to their respective FAQs.
  10. . . . and now I see that this is :pit: I guess I should ask my new writer to take a break when he visits here, huh . . .
  11. DAMN YOU AND YOUR WORD FILTERS! I meant to say . . that
  12. Oops. I didn't realize I quoted that. But I can't edit it, bein' a n00b and all. At least there ain't no MAYOR here to whine at me. That snugglin' bunny.
  13. Abby and Emi, yes, and Pussybro. Croz, no. He's out on the left coast, near Headly and Kallisti. Where in NM be you? ABQ? Maybe you can come to LoucheFiesta Tres . . . Before Emi moves out to Floridia. (Yeah, I spelled it like that on purpose.) Which is closer for you, Tuc or Phx? We could always rent an entire motel in Las Cruces, I bet. Great music, lotsa booze, Wheat Thins, and about 5 or 6 people . . . Oops, it'd be a WormwoodFest, so we'd need Wheatables instead. Or Ritz. A campout somewhere? Like Burning Man, but no czech fake absinthe swill (just absinthe)? Hmmm, Mt. Lemmon in August? Catalina State Park in March? My house, any time? Hey, where were YOU during the All Souls' Procession, you New Mexican?! Oh, crap. There's an anime emoticon. ^_^ SUCKS. I'm rambling cuz I'm tired. Also buzzed, but on my SECOND drink. LOOONG week with public meetings the last two nights.
  14. Hey hey, kids! After being harassed by SOMEONE over at FV, I decided to stop in and say hi. Of course, I don't live anywhere near Seattle. I'll finish the intro via edit later. I'm not in the mood for excessive self-examination.
  15. François go to Hollywood? Jacko, I thought FGuy tasted like ass?
  16. Um . . . I thought Mrs. Grimm said NO to the hooker.