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  1. I fail to see the benefit in using such a product with Czechswill. Especially when they encourage you to burn (that is, oxidize) it.
  2. Wow, they really DO follow you around the room! Almost hypnotic . . .
  3. Pre-louched absinthe wouldn't stay louched, nor green (alcohol percentage too low to maintain color), and you wouldn't be able to chill it without it developing anethole sea monkeys. Neat idea! Maybe François Guy or Kyle Barffather or Radomil Hill will invest lots of money in such a product! I think we should all encourage them.
  4. This sounds much like the Segarra 68. I recall that from . . . LF2004? Or 2005? AA in the coloring. It got spit into the yard, because it was raining out, and the window was open, and I didn't think I'd make it to the sink. Besides, Dinky was out there and had his back to me.
  5. I regularly use phantasmagoric episodes of Roseanne to imbibe Bud Light.
  6. I hope that's not produced by sweatshop laborers in a third-world country.
  7. Perhaps it and others like it will serve as "transition" drinks for those who started off with Czechsinth.
  8. On another system (not IPB), the null vote doesn't record you as having cast a vote. Which I suppose is how it should be.
  9. Dagnabbit. A null vote to see the results was recorded as an actual vote. Er, 1 for "ain't tried it" and 1 for the first Both of the Above (against it for both reasons).
  10. Hiram, the poll won't let those of us who haven't tried Angelique to vote. Well, not honestly. It requires an answer in the first question. Can you add "I haven't tried Angelique, but have opinions on the other part of this poll"?
  11. I believe you are to use it like a fragile glass sippy cup. Just the sort of thing I'd want to use while getting hammered on "The Ultimate Memory Panty Remover". Gimpy, I got horrific anethole floaties in Serpis once; once was enough! Eww.
  12. Ice in absinthe will cause the anethole to precipitate, giving you white crud. I don't know about you, but I like my absinthe creamy, not chunky. Maybe it's OK with Czechsinth or Scope, as there isn't anything to precipitate. And beauty (or garish) is truly in the eye of the beholder.
  13. Bose would be a sound investment. Booze should be swallowed, not heard. Oh, and you do know that Mansinthe is now available for pre-order, right? I hope the bottle art doesn't indicate the product quality. http://www.absinthe.de/en/shop/mansinthe/?...ab116c5b6833d6a That said, if you want inexpensive and pretty decent, there's Lucid (available in the states for $60 including shipping), and K53 is coming soon.
  14. 40 Euros a pop plus shipping seems awfully steep to me, I have to agree with the puss. Especially when you can pre-order some Mansqueezin's for 30 Euros. http://www.absinthe.de/en/shop/mansinthe/?...ab116c5b6833d6a
  15. The lead solder really adds something, don't you think?
  16. 'splains the HAN timing. Have a great barfday and a groovy party!
  17. Finally, accurate commentary from a waitress! Too bad most of the young drinkers forget that this is the 21st century.
  18. Unless they've changed Monkeys, it used to be that they'd just dump the shipment anywhere. I always used to request that they call before attempting delivery (I work close to home and could go be there), but they never did.
  19. TrainerAZ


    Try the Endangered Species brand, 88% "Extreme Dark Chocolate". Most stores have it nowadays; usually in the natural foods section. $3.13/bar on the web, $2.19/bar at Fred Meyer. And yes, their website really is http://www.chocolatebar.com/ Plus, it's the only chocolate bar I've had with 5g each of fiber and protein per (42g, half a bar) serving, and only 8g of sugar. Oh, and don't crunch it down. Just let it melt in your mouth . . . slloooowwlyyyy!
  20. What bottle, then? Is he trapped? Edit: The question was for Xixser.