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  1. I noticed all the fellow Seattlites and references to them while doing the lurking. Got to say, it's nice to know there's an abundance of like-minded folks nearby.. [The ++ is programming shorthand for "add another one".. does it also have some meaning in net shorthand?] At this hour, I would like to send out an all-encompassing "Thanks for the welcome!!" to everyone! I look forward to the discussions..
  2. Greetings! I come to you by way of Shoreline; a leisurely 10 mile drive north of Seattle. Being new to the ways of the green fairy, I have found this site to be immensely informative, encouraging and entertaining. About 11 months ago, I saw that Lucid was being sold in and around the country. I hounded the liquor store down the street from my place of employment, to no avail. I literally hung up the hat. Until: A coworker of mine shared some with me at a get together on Whidbey Island. From then on, I have been hooked.. Though, now it may have become an obsession. She got me the skinny on this site, gave me a few samples [Obsello & St George] and the rest is written. I bought my first bottle a few weeks ago [Clandestine]. And my second [Jade PF 1901] not long after. I have Roquette 1797 & Brevans on the way. In the meantime, I'm nursing [as slowly as possible] the CLB & Jade, but finally broke down & bought a bottle of Lucid [mostly 'cause I did need some glasses & another spoon]. Also on the way is a Balancier. I can't wait to watch the teeter totter while my absinthe louches.. In the future, there will probably be a fountain device. Anyway, I look forward to the interactions.. Talk to you all soon! geo