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  1. I hope to be sampling this weekend as well. I look forward to comparing notes with those who will also be trying the samples soon.
  2. The bottle is very valuable and a very rare find. Get a few quotes on price before you sell it. (contact " info 'at' oxygenee.com " , he sells a ton of vintage bottles ) The bottle (intact) would sell for 4-6k+ (assuming the contents haven't been destroyed by storage).
  3. Speedle, do you care to elaborate on the failings of the 2008 eddy bottling? I bought a bottle of eddy with a missing date, and it was a big let down- If its shortcomings can be attributed to a bad year I would consider ordering a new bottle.
  4. I have received several 4 bottle shipments from RueVerte in the past, in both BC and SK. A great looking website with the best Canadian prices. I just placed another order today, and added some samples to support the idea Great work Antoine.
  5. I think I've seen this circulate around here before, that being said, It's a very effective solution. I used to poor slowly over an ice cube in the brouilleur when I didn't want to break out a fountain for a slow drip, but then that defeats the purpose of a brouilleur!
  6. I sent Wayek a PM with details on websites that ship quality product to/inside Canada. If anyone else wants this list please pm me.
  7. No I didn't realize DUNY shipped to Canada? (They didn't last time I checked). I could possibly muster up a list of places I've ordered from and rate them if that might be helpful.
  8. There is always some one willing to ship to Canada, my personal collection is starting to overfill the liquor cabinet. Just be prepared to pay lots Oh, and Pre-Ban from Oxy has always and will continue to ship to Canada (with guarantee).
  9. I'm sure this has been posted before but here it goes again One of my favorite short stories- Ernest Hemmingway's Hills like white elephants. http://www.scribd.com/doc/94569/Hills-Like-White-Elephants (Full text too long to post here)
  10. Razor + Goo gone. If you can just get it started with the razor, soak the chipped away area in goo gone and then push/pry at the near by edges (they should be easier to remove at this point). Repeat- Reapt- Repeat. When you have finished removing the paint, apply more goo gone and then polish away any remaining residue. And say good by to an hour of your life. EDIT: oh and the area under the logo may never look perfect and the adhesive may have etched the glass.
  11. I wasn't attacking the ban (I missed the whole thing) , I just thought I would point it out because it helps explain why I didn't understand why everyone thought it was smiley
  12. Haha, Smiley was the first person I talked to when I came to this forum- so when I saw his name being attached to this blog I had to jump in! I also just noticed he was banned http://wormwoodsociety.org/forums/index.php?showuser=2276
  13. Welcome to the forums! I have to (also) ask, what brand did you try?
  14. We got to stop calling this guy Smiley.. It's clearly not, Smiley hails from Toronto Canada and this guys bio says O.C.