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  1. Someone has been watching the Spike TV "star wars" marathon
  2. Both are very good but I prefer the more traditional WW, ask me tomorrow and the answer might be MoL.
  3. She lives in TX and last time I checked they wont ship to TX anymore
  4. Welcome and very nice pick for your first absinthe
  5. From what I have seen the only effected trait of the 2008 batch was the color. Most of the reviews I have seen state that everything else about it seems to be of the same quality. I take it some members here seem to think otherwise?
  6. Suisse Verte Clandestine (Edition #2) is Angelique with no A.A. used for coloration
  7. Nice, can't wait to read the review.
  8. Yes I order from him often, very good service too I might add. Edit: I think they don't like the higher shipping cost (Cost more to ship from Pairs compared to UK)
  9. It looks like it is a done deal, thanks again for the find
  10. http://www.vertdabsinthe.com/content/view/526/254/ & http://www.vertdabsinthe.com/content/view/525/254/
  11. I emailed the seller, we will see what happens.