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  1. I tried all three of these in the same night. The St. George is not a traditional Absinthe (but I still enjoy the flavor), Mansinthe has a great nose and louche but is fairly intense flavor wise for a first timer (not sure if this is your first time or not), Obsello is mild and smooth everyone who has tried it with me has enjoyed the flavor while some found the St George and Mansinthe a bit too intense for their liking. Again this is all personal preference.
  2. I think the question was more geared towards the fact that his friend is on a homeopathic remedy (which he didn't go into) and he was worried that the oils from the herbs would have some kind of negative reaction to what ever the remedy was.
  3. Well we only typically drink absinthe once or twice a month. But when we do we tend to make an entire day of it with a few friends. Gone through as little as just over 1/2 a bottle to drinking 2 bottles in one day. On average there are 3-5 people there from around 2pm till long after the sun goes down.
  4. Just an FYI. I know there are many wine based absinthe brands out there. And most of them say so in their descriptions. Obsello is wine based for sure, and I know I have seen some wine based variants of good name brand absinthe on some overseas sites. La Cladestine as well as La Fee (can't say much for their only product I have tried though) both offer wine based options as well.
  5. I have hit up the Can Can a couple times. And actually every time out I am surprised to find I am not the only one have a glass before the trip home. Have yet to make it to Zig Zag Cafe, but I'll get there to check it out eventually.
  6. Where might one find a couple of these for their collection?
  7. I believe I will check out the Green Hour at the Can Can for a Sazarac before heading home to hide form the weather.
  8. Got to enjoy my first Sazarac recently, and boy did I. Thanks for another great intro guys.
  9. Work: Seattle, WA Live: Renton, WA Drink: Everywhere
  10. As far as burning goes, I made the mistake before becoming enlightened (Thanks WS) luckily only did it once or twice. I quickly learned that melting off the sugar defiantly changes the taste of the drink (and not in a positive way).
  11. Tonight: I think I am headed to Zig Zags after work to try Marteau for the first time. But the Can Can food menu is pretty enticing as well. Either way I get to try Marteau tonight. EDIT: Finally decided, The Can Can, burlesque dancers sway the balance.
  12. Wonderful. I may post a review tonight. Is it possible to print a hard copy of the review so I can fill it out there and type it up later?
  13. What does a case run? I would be willing to go in on a bottle as I have not yet tried that one. There are more than enough of us here in WA that we should be able to cover a case. EDIT: And Hiram does Zig Zag carry your Marteau?
  14. I actually have not been to Liberty at all. I was going to check out Zig Zag Cafe today after work and hope that they have the Marteau (how is that pronounced by the way I am horrible at that).