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  1. To me absinthe alongside any apertif has to be a sipping experience. It is just one of those unique drinks that has to be savored, it is a true art of the distiller and something to behold. The best part of the experience in drinking absinthe or even ouzo is detecting all the flavours and herbs inside each sip, and as the temp in the room changes the flavour profile seems to change too.
  2. Everyone's reaction to my mentioning of absinthe almost always recieves gasps of horror, as if it is worse than smack. Everyone around here in Indiana, aside from a couple adventuring friends of mine has an absolute disdain for it. Since most people only have second hand knowledge and lies floating inside their heads it is no wonder to see how pathetic they are when it comes to alcohol. The average beverage sold continuously is always the Bud light, a horrible tasteless awful beer in my opinon devoid of any flavour, yet it is a mainstay and the majority order it and appear to love it. True taste and appreciation of flavour is something few will have, or be able to work towards, and it is like life, it takes some patience and courage, and feeble and meek people tend to never sway towards that type of thinking. As I always will say to myself, it just leaves more absinthe for those of us who do enjoy the taste of something heavenly and divine. Let the sloth and the stupid have their cheap beers and leave the good boose to those who can appreciate it.
  3. In my opinion the secondary effect is due to the herbs used for the ingredients. Just take a look at the history of wormwood, anise, fennel, etc. and you can see the medicinal history surrounding the herbs and their usage. Hell, right now I am drinking a premium beer soaked in anise and fennel, feeling a similar lucid drunk yet awake state and havent touched any absinthe today. So the herbs add the dimension and open the doors of perception in any alcoholic beverage, it just depends on what feeling or effect you want to feel aside from the alcohol, and what dosage and amount you use.
  4. I think it all just depends on who's making what and how it is made when it comes to an oil mix. I have been experimenting for a few years now, and finally have gotten a good mix down. It takes time, practice and money. Organic herbs of true quality are quite a pain to find, then getting the amount right is such a pain in the a**. One teaspoon is all I use of organic wormwood, then 4-5 tbsp of Mugwort as a much better tasting yet still similar-effect herb, then various amounts of Melissa, Fennel, Green Anise seeds, liberal yet smaller amounts of Calamus, Coriander, etc. It just matters on what you want in a flavor profile. I have to admit when I first tried a home-brew of absinthe I thought I was going to die it was so bitter, but finally after years of painful research into using all of the above mentioned herbals and learning their interesting yet long histories and flavour profiles, making a cheap homebrewed alternative to spending 60 bucks on one fifth tastes all the more better. Does it taste like distilled quality V.P.?? Hell no!! Not at all, but that wasn't what I was wanting to do either, I just wanted an alternative so I created what is now known as "Captain Beyond": Homemade absinthe-like booze which tastes like anisette on steroids. Home brews are great in that you know you only spent a maximum of 30 dollars on a fifth of good tasting vodka and only a week's time it's done, filtered and ready to consume. It tastes similar to absinthe, and isnt bitter and get's you plastered and completely wasted by the second drink. And that was with a strong water dilution of 1:5, so it will last. As far as the "secondary effects" they are there more-so than in distilled absinthe, and that could be because of the Calamus and Mugwort, but let's just say I've had a gentle and happy feeling all day since I awoke this morning. And...at the end of the day though I still long and want for distilled absinthe, just because it simply tastes wonderful and no matter what you just cannot retain and get that flavour without distilling.
  5. Or two? It even lingers taste wise for 5 minutes, making one continuously want more and more.
  6. I havent currently tried the St George or the Obsello, but the Mansinthe has a delicious and full flavour profile. It is by far better than the Lucid or the Kübler 53, and I do not really mind the music the man puts out. I sure dont listen to it much anymore though, or what he is saying as the aging old clown has basically run out of antics and fresh smut to sell. AND it could just be that as I am maturing, listening to songs about Cake and Sodomy just doesnt even qualify as good listening when compared with some groups like the Pink Floyd or Alice in Chains. I think it is best then to just seperate the man from his drink, which will then allow for more people to enjoy a now easily available Absinthe, that is also well made and worthwhile. I do hate the fact that more money is going into the hands of an empty suit of a human being, but compared taste wise to the others mentioned above it is still money better spent. Just not money to spend all that too often...
  7. My GOD, this is the most tasty out of all the Absinthe's this tongue has tasted. Got my shipment from DUNY alongside a bottle of Mansinthe, and this one by far takes the cake. The Wormwood tastes very fresh like it had just been plucked from the field. With each and every sip it reminds me of heaven opening up, deep down inside my soul. Compared with the Mansinthe, this one earns a whole extra star or two on my five star system, and will be a friend to have around the home year round. Every sip is a delight, now, the only question I have left to ask is just what could possibly be better?
  8. Well in my opinion I also think Urban Hymns is a hit and miss effort, the same can be said for the newest album "Forth" which is decent, but nothing compared to the Verve EP and A Storm in Heaven. So your distillery is only a few hours away? And you had to close down? Or just for the season? Somewhat curious now...
  9. Normally I will only smoke during the cold, and today was a brisk 26 degrees, so needless to say I was back on the wagon. Can anyone recommend a really good/tasty RYO tobacco? All the ones I've tried over the past few years have been fair (Bugler gold) to utterly horrible such as Top rolling tobacco. Also, I like to do blends, such as adding damiana and wormwood to my smoke and it does add a whole new dimension to the flavor profile. But even with the delicious additions, the Bugler is still tasting terrible.
  10. Just got back from a local store, and all they had to choose from was Mati Hari, Lucid, Absente and the new Pernod Absinthe. In bold letters on the bottle of Pernod stood out: Artificial colours. So I decided upon a twelve pack of imported beer instead.
  11. A true classic. Especially Astronomy Domine, which sounds even better live. My favorite, (if forced at gunpoint to choose) would be Animals and Dark Side of the Moon coming in at a close, very close second. I've listened to their music my whole life, and still to this very day still sounds fresh and full of energy. Another favorite band of mine that sounds close to Pink Floyd is The Verve. Even their newest and more pop sounding material is still great. Currently I am listening to their 2nd album, A Northern Soul. Which is one of the best of the whole 1990's.
  12. I was unfortunate enough to try one of those kit's when I was still in High School. They sent it no problem through the mail and getting a 5th of vodka and everclear was very easy as I was smart/dumb enough to have older friends. As for the taste, imagine hell in a bottle. I thought it was so nasty that I tossed it. So when I finally tried Lucid, I thought it was the greatest thing on earth. Then when I took a chance on Kübler 53 I found something even better. And that isnt even the best so the lesson to be learned would be this: Herbal extracts in liquors can be good, but you have to have a clue on what your doing and what to add, and as far as Absinthe goes it should always be distilled. Homemade peppermint vodka is great though, once strained and filtered after a week long soak it can be pretty good. Just add a packet of Stevia powder and you can have a cheap yet better homemade elixer.
  13. Thank you all for the warm welcome As for a little more on my background, I am currently 22 and attending IWU full time for a business degree. One day I will own my own business centered around selling health food and imported Absinthes. Hopefully within a few years that goal can and will be accomplished. For my hobbies I enjoy watching classic cinema, listening the great music such as Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath. I have been writing poetry and full stories since 15 and am currently working on a Novella. Some of my favorite films are anything done by Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch/Cronenberg, or just about anyone who has a bit of intelligence to their storytelling.
  14. I am looking forward to trying the Clandestine and the Duplais Verte for Christmas this year. That will be one expensive order though, so I plan on working a lot of overtime here in the next week to cover. After all the hype I am sure hoping it will be much more powerful than the Kübler I am enjoying now. From all the reviews I imagine it being much sharper on flavour, which to me is the most essential aspect of the drink.
  15. I wish I could quit smoking. I started when I was 15 yrs old. Lately though I have nearly cut out all tobacco and have switched to herbals. Soon I want that to stop as well and just drink it in a tea because my lungs are starting to age. The habit of holding a lit smoke though is the hardest thing to break, hopefully here soon I can stop with it altogether.
  16. Please read this article before someone starts taking shots at you. Actually, there are several very good articles there. The thujone isnt going to get me wasted, I've figured that out by now. In the past I've even smoked wormwood extract and nothing ever happened. Except a rancid nasty taste and a slight headache. I still attribute the main effects of Absinthe to be from the total combination of herbs distilled together, to make the elixer I am currently drinking. Mugwort has been used for hundreads of years as a dreaming herb, which is my interest in it. Alongside the Lavender and Hops leaf Mugwort tastes very good, and makes me feel very happy. Last night I tried the mix and had a very, very vivid dream. Nothing tried in the past would produce what I saw in that dream, so it has become of value to me, as I am seeking very vivid dreams. It seems like months' had passed since I had dreamed, and last night came as a blessing. Oh and as for smoking the Celestial Seasonings, I cannot imagine how horrible most of that would taste, being highly processed tea with tons of stored flouride. One day I hope to own a Heath food business and web site to help get rid of horrendous companies such as theirs. The reason CS is so horrible to myself and everyone is how insidious they are in hiding Soy Lechithin in most of their teas. Genetically Engineered soy contains pesticides that cause sterility and death in lab trials, so avoid GM as much as you can.
  17. I agree as well, and I think that owes much to the quality of herbs inside the drink. Although I will rarely drink enough to put me into a hangover, all other forms of alcohol that I've tried will cause a headache or just a sluggishness that takes all day to loose. With Absinthe though the next morning is usually warm and no pain is felt. It could be that when I choose to drink it is often in the 4-5 beers/glasses ratio so that would put anyone's liver into an overload if they are not used to drinking much. Also, I tried a cigarette of Lavender and Mugwort last night that caused the most vivid dream I've had in months. Mugwort has thujone in it and alongside the Lavender tasted great, and gave off an Absinthe type of feeling. Tonight though I plan on trying the same mix again alongside 2-3 glasses of the Kübler 53, so hopefully the results will be just as good and hopefully better than last night.
  18. As of recent I have found that smoking herbal cigarettes during absinthe helps the buzz, kills hangover and makes it even taste all the more better. Currently my favorite mix has been of Lavender, Hops and a dash of Peppermint and with a filter there is absolutely no harshness to the smoke at all. If you are looking for a hangover cure or Painkilling these herbs can and will help you, either in tea or smoke. Just thought I'd share that tidbit of info with you all. PS: just make sure they are organic.
  19. Hopefully I will be able to offer my own insight into the drink as I try more brands, But as of now the Kübler is my favorite, although I am sure that the Clandestine will be even better. I am planning to give that to myself this year as a special present and hopefully it will as good as I imagine.
  20. Just introducing myself to this very comprehensive forum on what has become my favorite drink of all time. Currently the best Absinthe tried to date by myself would be the Kübler 53, but now that drinkupny.com has Mansinthe and a better variety I am sure my taste buds will change. As for being in Indiana, I hate it. The city is boring, the people are even worse, and the food terrible. I cook mostly at home now. So, hopefully I will make some new friends on here and learn even more about my favorite drink.