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  1. I fear that I am preaching to the logically impaired. Perhaps socially lethargic or just dull. Or else businessmen who don't like the sound of my ideas. I will refer to these people as the WS gestapo. The idea police. Hands up! Until you guys can reconcile these two views: 1-Jades are NOT over priced, AND: 2-Ted can sell them for whatever he wants, ie, capitalism, No logician or debater is going to take any of you seriously. Any idiot can read these two premises and see that if a producer can sell anything for whatever price he wishes, then nothing can technically be "over" or "under" priced, since value is decided by price, according to you wistful sophists. Uh, duh, you freakin' morons? Is any of this sinking in? It is actually very ironic in that arguing with me, you give credit to the notion of Jades having a set value, and then in that very same argument, you bring out large words like "capitalism" and "economy" and "product market". It is quite amusing to watch really, you oxymoronic fools. The self-contradiction here is palpable. You are every one of you incorrigible and blind. Seriously, Shabba, T73, Leopold, you shallow brainless hypocrites, its been nice leaving each other love notes in the PM box, but you can't philosophize and contextualize your way around this one. Do you guys feel good? Pushing the nOObs around, flaunting the rulebook in my face to stroke your egos? Pushing and backing and powering ideas that only you guys agree with? I've just shut your argument down BIG time, and I know that if I ever check back on this thread there'll be the three of you and your various friends spewing out the same old ignorant BS. I can't believe how hypocritical some of the people on this forum are. I know of several people who hold the same opinion as me. I won't name names and embarrass these good people. Obviously they have wised to the danger of voicing an opinion those certain yes-men and sheep have deemed unsavory and therefore rejected from reality. I only wish I could fuel my will for life through this petty forum, and being an officer of the elite douchebaggery that goes on here. I would be only so lucky to live such a waking coma. No matter; I leave you glorified mall cops, you throuroughly uncultured and uncivilized men, and elementary self-aggrandizing debaters to your wits. I've been polite for my stay here, and all I've received in return censure and mockery. Good bye and good luck.
  2. That statement infers that it is CURRENTLY priced more reasonably. That does not incorporate past or future prices. That is an incorrect statement. If instead, you would have said: Then, I would have agreed. The consider this: if Marteau were sold in europe under the pound currency, it would stil be cheaper. And when NO does get to the US, the "rumor" confirmed by a bunch of people, is that it will be 110$. That is current info, and I feel that the exchange has nothing to do with actual value because it simply is an exchange of value. Seems to me that's still a rumor, based on what's been said in this thread. Do you have more concrete information that we aren't aware of? Well this is according to Hiram, and several other people have confirmed this number. Oh, OK. Then go buy a bottle of Hill's and a bottle of Banker's Club Gin and quit bitching about price. I only meant that booze is booze is booze, and that products of relative quality SHOULD end up costing relatively the same. Incidentally, I've paid for Hills, and I felt that it was slightly overpriced, would you disagree in this regard as well? Is this capitalism too? Things are worth what people are willing to pay for them? Actually, no. You posed the argument in the first place, so it is your responsibility to show why they are overpriced. Innocent until proven guilty means that it's the prosecution's duty to prove their case, not the other way around. Your original post showed that your point was solely based on your own emotional conclusion. You haven't shown any concrete reasons. If I accuse you of being a murderer, it's not your responsibility to prove you aren't. It's my responsibility to prove you are. That is, unless you want to bring us back to the Salem witch trial days. Then we can just throw you into the river. If you float, you're a witch, then we burn you at the stake. If you sink, you're not a witch. But you're dead anyway. But I digress... I posed several questions to you relating to the pricing of Jades. It seems as though, up to now, you are still unable to answer any of them. Ergo, you have no solid argument. I have shown that they are overpriced. Ted, due to financial and commercial success, is in the most able of positions to lower his prices. He hasn't. Other artisinal products of quality that is on par are cheaper. You fail to explain why, but on one occasion have said that, in as many words, "products are worth what the public are willing to pay for them". You seem to be taking two stances: 1-Jades aren't overpriced 2-Jades are worth whatever people will pay for them How are these two views reconcilible? People have accused me of the inability to judge because I've never tasted the Jades. This is irrelevant; consider this: Do you have to drink a glass of quality apple juice that happened to cost you 6 dollars to be able to know that it is over priced? Your turn again
  3. As a Canadian, I usually complain about the absinthe situation here, but after reading this thread, I see that things aren't great everywhere:) As for me, I'm just really happy with the new selections we have at Premier: http://premierwines.ca/store/category/22/180/Absinthe/ The prices are really cheap, and the shipping is like 5 bucks. We've got Clandestine La Bleue, and Taboo absinthe. In a couple months they'll also be stocking Claude Alain's Angelique! Support our market Canadians!
  4. Really? DUNY has Marteau listed for $90. The Jade line, at current prices on LDF is listed for 55 pounds, which equates to approximately $75. Both are pre-shipping costs. Done. Respectfully, Shabba, the fact that the Jades are cheaper RIGHT NOW is circumstantial. This is because of the pound's exchange rate, like you pointed out. It is important to remember that the price of the Jades has always been 55 pounds. Nothing has changed except the exchange, and the exchange is ALWAYS changing, and it is only a matter of time before it changes again; through this line of currency, the jades could really become any price, even priceless. So this is not so much "reasonable" as it is "provisional". Also, Shabba, DUNY has Marteau at $90US, but when NO gets to the US, everyone knows that its going to sell for at least $110US. And, thats 20 bucks more! I'm in no way saying that I could not afford the Jade line, absinthe is an expensive habit as it is, but I do not believe that it is fair to customers to charge THAT much of a margin, and that has always been my grudge. Booze is booze is booze, and no more. People here have disagreed with me, correctly pointing out my lack of financial finesse, but this is all moot. I am on the refuting side of the argument, the pressure is on the other side, to validate WHY the jades are so expensive. I believe I revalidated all my "factoids", its your turn again:)
  5. Well, the new Marteau, at least right now, is getting amazing reviews. All the reviews I've read are rated higher than any Jade absinthe, both here, and on Fee Verte. And fancy that, Marteau is priced much more reasonably than the Jade absinthes. And what Hiram himself called a "one man operation". Feel free to educate me once again, people. So cuz, does this reflect what most people think about NO? Feel free to interpret this at will. Maybe you should go with the Marteau instead, cuz, from drinkupny.com.
  6. Yes sir, on the nail. My father became somewhat of a hippie recently; vegan, "religious" in that eastern way, environmental, musically inclined, all smiles. This is no doubt some sort of defense mechanism in action, the most vigorous of lies flying in the face of what actually is, because my dad happens to be the biggest piece of shit I know. This all ties into my misunderstanding of vegetarianism; you know those girls, the ones who drink soy lattes, the ones who listen to Feist, the feminists who still want to be seated? These are the same girls who cheat on their boyfriends, who steal, who lie, and hurt others. For some, (and I stress some), vegetarianism is just another individual coma, a false sleep of life. You don't have to eat an animal to be a bad person.
  7. Financial nihilism is best treated negligibly and without a care. The ride down is always good. Just remember to look genuinely surprised when your bill comes in the mail. And when the interest builds up. And, congrats on the order, cuz, sounds delicious.
  8. Sorry to persist, but: Assemblage distillation seems purposefully complicated. Why? Is there an advantage?
  9. Off-topic, I know, my apologies, but: I am at a loss when I hear words like "assemblage distillate" and "whole distillate". Can anyone explain the difference between the two to me?
  10. The louche is my favourite part of the prep, so I've got a carafe, a brouiller, and a fountain. My fountain is the cheap one from the frenchman, but its great, easy to use, fill, clean, etc. Anyways, regarding the questin of this thread: the fountain wins hands down. For a good louche, you need a slow, cold drip, from an elevated source. Fountains do this quite well. Brouillers are ok, I found mine drips too fast, or rather streams too fast, and it is hard to control it; I find that putting a marble or tape over the whole cheapens the whole experience anyways. Still the problem with the brouiller remains that the drip is happening from like 2cm above the drink; not enough momentum to stir up the drink and the louche. Carafes are for quick prep, and I hate doing it. Too quick, seems too chemistry-like for me, the louche happens so fast, the liquid just clouds up in 2 seconds and it is over. And, again, I find the louche to be thin and weak with this sort for prep. This drip is high up enough, but not slow enough so keep the turbulence needed for a thick louche. And it is my opinion that the louche is the secret for bringing out the rest of the drink. I usually drip my glasses for 3-5 minutes. With a faster drip, the louche is more coherent and easy to recognize and has some form to it, but I'd still rather slow drip, which is still pretty. So yes, fountains all the way!
  11. I think Oxy is releasing a limited batch of both Gold and Myrhh next newsletter. Cuz, I've only tried Taboo regular and Taboo Gold, and I liked them both, if that does anything for you:)
  12. That is a really good idea. If you could get a legal absinthe "definition", oil mixes, czechsinthes, macerates, and the like would have to be labeled as such. It would help the novice absintheur weed through all the BS in the market. I have nothing against oil mixes, or non-traditional absinthe drinks, or substitutes, some of them are good in their own right, but Shabba is right; a operational defintion regarding absinthe would act as some sort of seal of approval that would at least guarentee the buyer a tradtional absinthe, with all the entailed herbs and processes. Good idea.
  13. That label is very vague and ambiguous. Kinda like Taco Bell's "Red Sauce". Regarding pontica, I was under the impression that any true "absinthe" had to contain the holy trinity (specifically grand wormwood), and be distilled. This is why absente is a substitute, because it contains only petite.
  14. As I understand it, there are five "grades" of absinthe: ordinaire demi-fine fine supérieure Suisse These are ranked in ascending alcoholic strength, and the last two are supposed to denote very good quality, while demi-fines and the lower ones can be artificially colored, and are not known for their quality.
  15. Clandestine La Bleue, for sure. My favourite, if that does anything for ya.