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  1. It's 6 AM and I just stumbled in here to find Abso discussing Hiram's Detachable Penis........
  2. Greenimp, WOW, that's hot. Nice piece you got there. Bob, Thanks for the links. My wife is a big DS fan. I'm going to try and keep her away from that site!
  3. How does it compare to to the one I posted?
  4. I thought you'd say that Countie Chocs! I've wanted an EXACT replica ever since I was a kid. All I could find was cheap costume crap. I even went so far as to call Forrest Ackerman 5 or so years ago to see if I could pay to have a copy made. They are a limited edition but have no fear they are up to only #49. At least that's the one I got on Friday. It's a nice, BIG, solid hunk of silver and the pictures don't do the blood red quartz any justice. If you get into some fisticuffs it makes a dandy knuckle-duster, too!
  5. You're welcome! You won't be disappointed.
  6. Hiram, have you seen this? Click on "monsters" at the bottom and then click on "Dracula's Ring". I just got one and it is really NICE! FYI, it only comes in size 9 so you may have to size it.
  7. Isn't that more commonly known as the Super Model Diet?
  8. It's always the and/or thing that throws me...
  9. WOW, see what happens when the real world kicks in and I had to curtail my internet activities for a while? I decide to pop back in for a minute and I find out I'm in danger of facing a purge. I guess I should try and show up a litttle more often around here. Anyway, hiya fellas!
  10. I did a semester in Germany one summer. A small town called Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber. If you walked in the country side at night, all you heard was crunching under your feet. It came from the snails that were sliding around on the side walks!
  11. WOOO HOOO!! I picked up the El Cheapo $40 drill press and $7 Forstner bit set at Harbor Frieght today. The plexi drilled like a charm! All I had to do after drilling was cut off a bit of the meltings around the holes. They were out of the stepped bit set or I would have given that a try, too. Thanks to all for the help.
  12. Thanks Greenimp! I'll get the Forstner and give it a try. I'm still gonna get the 3 pack stepped because at $19 I can't pass it up (not to mention the on-sale $50 drill press)! I'll give them both a shot and I'll let you know how it goes. As far as cast plex goes, I'm just drilling a bunch of holes in a rectangle that's 5x3. I've already got a scrap panel of the El Cheapo cut. If that distructs then I'll go with cast (thanks for that tip).
  13. You'd prefer Forstner over stepped? I'm curious as to why.
  14. I tried using a backer board on a sample (with a high speed bit) and it worked 6 out of 7 tries. One failure too many for me. Saturday I go to Harbor Freight and get a set of stepped bits. These with a backer clamped on should do it. On the X-Mas list: The Drill Doctor!