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  1. What makes Absinthe real Absinthe ? Is it the recipe? Could it be in the distillation technique? Quality of the ingredients? Location and environment of the Distillery? Volume of ingredients vs Distillation technique? The distillers employees having a good day vs. a bad day? Corking vs. Screw Lid? French vs. Czech? Number of ingredients vs amount of ingredients? Traditional herbs vs. adding a handfull of a new herb or deleting an herb all together? Reducing an herb? Tradition is Tradition and keeping to tradition is a great thing; however keeping to some traditions tend to get boring, tiresome and may not be great for all in some cases. Some of us are as well educated on the facts, tradition and history of Absinthe due to our culture or the one we married into just as those who moderate, watch and post on this site. My husbands diverticulitis and IBS act up whenever he ingests to much anise contained in certain foods and beverages. Thank Goddess for WormWood Schnnaps, at least my dear husband can at least enjoy something close to Absinthe and share the tradition with me while I am enjoying my Kübler or one of our Jades. It is wonderful to be married to a French Cajun whose family loves God, Absinthe, music, food, me and makin the babies.... C`est Bon, Laissez le bon temps roulee!!
  2. Liquor 46 in the Lake Forrest Plaza just West of I-4 on SR 46 in the Sanford - Lake Mary area carries Kübler, Mata Hari, Lucid, and Pernod. The owner is awesome and is willing to order in other varieties on request.
  3. We prefer our fountain for several reasons 1) tradition, 2) louching is awesome, 3) the sugar is better disolved & 4) the perfume of our Absinthe. Arching eyebrows and chuckling, we understand the to tired to prepare the fountain at the end of a long day. The ritual of the preparation is a wonderful way to unwind after a day of dealing with the I & A's of the world and it makes me slow down and enjoy the louching and the arome of my Absinthe blooming. As for a single spigot fountain in a pinch. Most housewares department will usually have in stock either a lemonade or tea / sun tea jar with either a spigot or a dial / turn style faucet used to serve the beverage from the jar makes a wonderful fountain in a pinch and they are usually 1/2 to a 1 gallon size and you can keep it filled and chilled in the frig. for those really hairy carey days.... I have even seen mouthwash jars that have the spigot and on / off valve at certain stores as well... My husband gave me a totally awesone present , a 2 spigot Lady fountain he purchased from Maison De Absinthe on rue Royal in New Orleans, Luscious Oily Lesbians! he placed in my stocking several boxes of Italian Absinthe mints as well. Just my opinion
  4. I was reading on the Mata Hari site and checking out the recipe section to see if anything new has popped up. The video supplied by Mata Hari suggests placing Mata Hari in a shaker with ice cold water and shaking as a "NEW" way to serve absinthe. My understanding is this is called an Absinthe Frappe when mixed and served this way. Am I wrong in my understanding and is this a "NEW" way to serve Absinthe? I was served Absinthe this way at Brennans in New Orleans as an eye opener with breakfast and it was termed a Frappe... Just wondering..... BTW My Dear Husband loves Mata Hari because of the low anise content which makes it a Bohemian Absinthe.
  5. The roughly 4 minute bar scene made the movie for us. I have not taken the time to peruse the Absinthe in Art to see what other B-graders and Gems are listed. Happy Holidays.....
  6. A nice chilled glass of Coquito laced with 10 Cane Trinidad Rum. A nice Spanish nog made with creme of coconut, sweet milk and spices...
  7. Big Daddy & I caught a movie tonight that pleasently surprised us both with a scene of a Romanian bar keep pouring absinthe into a pontalier glass over a sugar cube laden spoon set atop the glass . The bar keep lit the cube. As the movie progressed there were absinthe fountains, spoons and other paraphanelia...... Just thought I'd share... More than likely a re-post.... Happy Holidays
  8. If you know what you want, then by all means call them to place your order over the phone. We visit Renes shop on rue Royal whenever my husand and I are in New Orleans or drop by on the way to visit family a tad bit north of Baton Rouge. Everytime we walk into the shop the shop girls are wonderful, gracious and very knowledgable about absinthe, glassware, fountains, the Italian absinthe candy's and all the accompianments(sp)as well as the pubs , bistros and cafes to visit for Absinte Hour and who has what brands. I placed an order on the 16th and recieved my package Friday evening. La Maison d`Absinthe and the shop keeps are very customer consious and go out of their way to help customers in person and on the internet...
  9. Ok I see my response last night disappeared somewhere. My suggestion is to handwash using very gentle soap suds and to rinse any residue off the glasses and rinse them in vinegar and let them air dry. Vinegar will make the glass sparkle niclely and remove any surface oils. Glass and Crystal restoration is very difficult and the results vary greatly and depends on the materials used to make the glass, the thiness of the glass and other variables. Keep in mind that even a regualr sponge can be abrasive on some surfaces. Handle and treat the glasses like they are Crystal. Do Not machine wash. No dishwasher soap. No bleach containg products. Light soap suds. Rinse well. Vinegar rinse. Air dry. Hope this helps.
  10. You can stuff the casings the good old fashioned way with a steer or goat antler / horn if you'd like to be at it for a while... Call around to see if you have a meat processing market in your area and ask what they'd charge to make veison sausage or find yourself a Cajun lasy who knows how to make venison boudin..... Sounds like a Boucherie is in order......
  11. Instead of using an abrasive of any type or a non scratch sponge. Rinse your glasses out with hot water to remove any residues and rinse in white vinegar to sanitize and brighten your glassware. Do not rinse vinegar with water just let dry and store your glassware. Vinegar will kill most common bacteria and a wide variety of viruses. Soaps can be to harsh and cause etchig on delicate glasswear and crystal..
  12. Coquito and Kübler is a great mix.... Coquito is nothing more than cream of coco, sweet and condensed milk, heavy cream, cinnamon, nutmeg and either a great Barbados Cane rum or some Kübler or a combo...
  13. My son has devised a new way to serve up his Kübler. My son called me and told me he has a new drink with a cool name. "Santas Lil Helper ." He told me instead of using a suger cube on his spoon he used a soft peppermint ball and let the water slowly drip thus melting the peppermint ball. He said his is awesome.... I am trying this combo tonight.... So far, so good.... Catherine
  14. I was speaking with my mom this evening reagrding Absinthe, which she has tried at my house and throughly enjoys. She prefers Kübler. She brought up that the flavor of some Absinthes reminds her of a stomach remedy from the 1950's called, " Paragoric(sp)." So who knows what the pharamcists were up too but all I have to say is, Vive La Absinthe.... Blessed Holidays, Sabbats an all to everyone.. Catherine
  15. Sazerac, S-A-Z-E-R-A-C, sazerac. I think I got it, I think I got it. Look I got it, Sazerac. Seriously, Thank you I have a serious issue with spelling gremlins after 6 pm most days.. Cathy