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  1. still figuring out the forums but saw its your Birthday so glad your not dead yet!
  2. ok here ya go. I just started here in the last month or so. http://i529.photobucket.com/albums/dd331/t...Absintheset.jpg
  3. There goes the neighborhood. At least it has a life time warranty per H&S
  4. Wow, Daegul great sacrifice you made for the cause. How was the day after?
  5. ok, I have been lurking a lot since bitten. I cant read it all but move from here to there when time permits. Perhaps someone can focus me on this and from what I have read the 100% is suspect. And certainly something you would have raised. So, comments please: http://www.centuryabsinthe.com/ I trolled this page and saw nothing so I ask: http://www.wormwoodsociety.org/index.php?o...&Itemid=214 Thanks
  6. I just saw these sites. They look,, well see for yourself. What is the honorable opinion here from the crowd. http://lafeeabsinthe.com/ http://seborabsinth.com/ Thanks.
  7. I hate it when my wallet disrespects me . I am new and just joined, see my intro, but I would like you to pst me on your needs. Thanks.
  8. OK, I got registered after lurking here and reading for a while. I have seen the interesting post by T73 and thus thought ok straight and to the point. So here: Older by nature not by choice. 4 children 5 if you listen to my wife. I have 2 dogs so I don't kick pets. Fish in general, well don't put your hands near my plate. I bay fish for trout, reds flounder and anything edible with a fin. Now, for the rest of the story. I have been a Green Fairy admirer for some time yet never had the opportunity to be properly introduced. That changed this weekend. I was privey to a wonderful Absinthe Edouard. Like most things I immediately love, I jumped in and read this whole weekend about types, glasses, etc. I splurged and bought glass ware for the site advertiser to support them and I even got the balancier. I called my mom, who is fortunately still kicking, and talked to her in detail regarding absinthe. Glad I did. I found that she had a spoon of some type from Germany, where they lived for some time, and I had her start digging for what I hope is uranium glass. She has quite the collection of depression glass and unique stemware. So why not. With the help of my friend who gave me the Edouard, I have heard of incoming Jade PF 1901, Verte Suisse 65 and Nouvelle- Orleans. They just show up as if dropped by some fairy he said. Strange. I may not be the most persistent troller here but I sure like to find people with the same interest in the best. Well, I guess that's it for now. Perhaps I am missing something in trolling so I would like someone to be kind enough to point me the the right section that is directed to pricing. Thanks and talk to you soon.