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  1. I don't know about this one,. I bought it and absinthe and cinnamon at first seemed like a great idea but upon tasting I found it a big mistake with the cinnamon totally dominating and the aftertaste cloying and unpleasant. I wanted to sink this mix several times but worked my way through the entire bottle and was none to happy to see it go.
  2. My List: Sauvauge A.O. Spare Marteau Jade Edouard Absinthe Bizarre Duplais Balance Eichelberger 78 Verte Soixante Cinq Absinthe Blanche de Fougerolles 74 Absinthe La Valote Bovet Tradition
  3. Just want to know if customs is hitting you with duty taxes and if the thujone issue is a factor. I currently live in Asia and am having no problems getting the bottles delivered via DHL with no duty or taxes. Since I am returning to Canada to repatriate myself I am much concerned how this may affect getting a good supply of my favorite elixir on a regular basis.
  4. So it seems rather difficult to determine as so many shades are possible unless you know what the original coloration was. I always thought it was a muddy brown or some other murky color. I would have thought any green coloration would be absent as well,
  5. Tonight I sadly finish off my bottle of Absinthe Bizarre. This was one tasty absinthe.
  6. While I know the word translates as "dead leaves". I'd like to pin down what shade or shades that exactly is. The old bottle of Argenti Absinthe I purchased recently is quite a rich color of oily green not unlike a really rich olive oil so I'm pretty sure its not feuille morte.(it may very well be olive oil as I have yet to open it). How might an absinthe change in color over the years and how long might one have to wait before it changes to feuille morte. What exactly is going on with it any way? ~Leich
  7. I'm curious if there are any Canadians out there using absinthes.com and did they get their shipment ok or was it taxed and dutied on its way in?
  8. Speak for yerself there. Luscious Oily Lesbians! Good one. I could use a little BOC ritual with my next absinthe
  9. That may be a fine idea or some other piece of bogus paperwork afixed to the boxes
  10. Well the real question is what will I buy? I will not be bringing any half empty bottles because the damn taxman has to take his 30% of the value. The bottles have to boxed separately from my belongings and sent directly to the Liquor Comission where they are assessed an import tax and then returned to me upon payment. I am going to buy from a European supplier because I have had great service from them. No American company sends to Canada that I'm aware of or I'd stock up on a few bottles of Marteau and some others. Movement of alcohol is really restrictive in Canada and the last visit to Nova Scotia there were only two brands at the liquor comission ( Grand Absente and Hills or some other Czechzinthe BLECH!). I do have a long kept bottle of Sauvage and Brevan's Austin Osman Spare that must be nearing a decade now. The rest will be new purchases but I've got a list going including Jades, François Guy, A spanish serpis or two or perhaps an NS70 for cheap summer entertaining. A Swiss Bleu or two. Duplais some Echelbergers. I'll probably drop a grand as it will be pretty dry quality absinthe wise up in Canada. By the way, Alan, I only once saw a bottle of Clandestine for sale at a speciality shop in Halifax. Too many liquor laws in Canada so I'd better buy now. If I pack it secretly into my household goods it might get confiscated and then I'd be one sorry fellow. Suggestions?
  11. I'm just pulling your chains there but I do have a real question regarding thujone content. I may be returning back to Canada where some provinces ban the import of spirits that contain more than 10ppm(?) of thujone. How can I find out the thujone content of certain absinthes in my collection so as not to have any absinthes in my collection refused?
  12. Well, I bought a bottle from the 60's the other day and will be awaiting its arrival. This will be the first "aged" absinthe I have bought. It's a liter bottle with some evaporation loss (20%?) but looks alright. Question is" Should I have bothered?" and "What's it worth?". I saw one site selling a similar bottle for 299 Euros and I paid a third of that. Either way I didn't expect to win the auction but did so we'll all chalk it up to experience whatever the verdict. Thanks~ Leich
  13. I did read that it would be finished this year. But yes was the same project I believe. I didn't see those older posts.