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  1. Getting to the bottom of my last bottle of CLB.
  2. I made a crazy cocktail, using kirsch and fruit juices and essences. It tastes like cinnamon.....
  3. Finished my Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros. Another one for which no replacement is available, having been discontinued by the MLL.
  4. Happy belated, hope it was awesome.
  5. It is so much fun, finding a treasure like that. Congrats!
  6. Just had the last bit of La Grande Josiane. Another of my "last of the supply, no known available replacement" bottles. Back when I had three of these, I was sure I would never run out.
  7. Mmmm, Manhattans. For me this evening, a hard lemonade with a generous glug of Cointreau, followed by a Dos Equis. Winnipeg's cheapest pizza is en route.