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  1. fingerpickinblue

    Paging Ms. Monkey: It is your day.

    Yep. I still miss those birthday announcements. Happy Birthday, HM!
  2. fingerpickinblue

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Had a couple of those KBS recently. Come to think of it, had a few Martinis, as well.
  3. fingerpickinblue

    Hey Clown!

    Just trying to help you get to 20,369.
  4. fingerpickinblue

    Hey Clown!

    Well, never one to pile on... well almost never! Happy Birthday, my man!
  5. fingerpickinblue

    It's great to finally be here!!! <3

    Welcome to the WS!
  6. fingerpickinblue

    Woo hoo, got my log-in :-)

    Welcome to the WS!
  7. fingerpickinblue

    Happy birthday Cajun Magic!

    Hope it was magical!
  8. fingerpickinblue

    Super Excited to be HERE!

    Welcome to the WS!
  9. fingerpickinblue

    What ya drinking tonight?

    I love a proper Irish Coffee. Every time I see one of those lame-o jame-o concoctions served up with spray on faux cream, and, God forbid, Bailey's, it just makes me want to cry.
  10. fingerpickinblue

    Happy Birthday, MASTERPC!

    I sure wish we had the old birthday prompts. Happy Birthday, whenever it was!
  11. fingerpickinblue

    Happy to finally be a part of this community.

    Welcome to the WS!
  12. fingerpickinblue

    Absinthe may be defined by new TTB regs

    If you got to my unedited post quickly, I apologise. I didn't understand that the final section of the previous post was the proposal. I not only have a problem with the proposed ceiling, of 95%, but I agree with Gwydion's opinion on no regulation of sugar content. Allowing 95% makes no sense, since if the absinthe were distilled to this degree, it would have no substantial character. The only way I imagine that would be possible, would be to fortify it, post distillation, with enough 95% spirit to force that level. Otherwise, you don't stand a chance of having a product with the "taste, aroma, and characteristics generally attributed to absinthe". At 30%, I'm thinking it would be almost pre-louched. Nice to see they're considering it, but they need to be educated once again.
  13. fingerpickinblue

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Yep. That's a coin flip.
  14. fingerpickinblue

    How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?

    Welcome to the WS!
  15. fingerpickinblue

    Absinthe infused Salami, with free bacon*

    I'm sure you had someone at "salami infused"!