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    I love a proper Irish Coffee. Every time I see one of those lame-o jame-o concoctions served up with spray on faux cream, and, God forbid, Bailey's, it just makes me want to cry.
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    Absinthe may be defined by new TTB regs

    If you got to my unedited post quickly, I apologise. I didn't understand that the final section of the previous post was the proposal. I not only have a problem with the proposed ceiling, of 95%, but I agree with Gwydion's opinion on no regulation of sugar content. Allowing 95% makes no sense, since if the absinthe were distilled to this degree, it would have no substantial character. The only way I imagine that would be possible, would be to fortify it, post distillation, with enough 95% spirit to force that level. Otherwise, you don't stand a chance of having a product with the "taste, aroma, and characteristics generally attributed to absinthe". At 30%, I'm thinking it would be almost pre-louched. Nice to see they're considering it, but they need to be educated once again.
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    Goose Island BCS 2018.
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    Where's the absinthe green?
  13. That would make your two dashes about 1/30 of an ounce, slightly less than what I estimated. And that's what I figured you were doing... adding the absinthe to the liquid ingredients. You certainly can't rinse with that little absinthe. I don't agree completely. The way I see it is that the rinse does limit the amount used, but moreover it provides increased surface area, north of the wash line of the main body of the drink, to amplify the aromatic accent, without making that ingredient part of the main body of the drink. It does its work more on the nose than the palate. And I couldn't agree more. If you read my manifesto in the thread "Sazerac - perfected!", you'll see I list "leaving too much absinthe in the glass" as the number one pitfall in making this drink. The whole idea of "to taste" is what's wrong with this approach. You shouldn't be primarily tasting it. You should be smelling it. I'm assuming that what you are implying is that most bartenders want to use more than 1/4 ounce each. I wouldn't be in favor of that. I've been making the Mephisto for years now. If you don't believe me, search my posts. I love the drink. I remember when you first listed it, you had it at 1 barspoon each of simple syrup, smoky Scotch, and absinthe. That's how I always made it, and I've rocked a lot of peeps with it that way. I remember taking notice when your spec changed to 1/4 ounce each. I have never made it that way, but have a hard time imagining any subtlety at that level. I've always seen that drink as a slightly modified Perfect Martini, and the accents should be exactly that... accents. Of course it's your drink. Maybe I should take that for a spin. Is Murray working these days? I know he was having some health problems a while back.
  14. Yeah, I know... another zombini thread. Sorry, I've just been obsessed with this drink again lately. And this whole rinse of absinthe thing seems to cause so much angst for a good many people. Listen... I don't want to be wasteful either. However, I also want to get to drinking my Saz or getting it in front of the drinker in this lifetime. In my experience, to do a good efficient rinse requires a certain amount of absinthe. Too little, and it takes a long time to completely coat the inside of the glass. You have to rotate slowly and many more times than you will if you use more. However, too much, and you're unnecessarily throwing a lot away. That's why when I tutor people on this drink I always spec about a teaspoon (I don't measure it) of absinthe. If you want to get all technical, each different glass will require a different amount. But a teaspoon will cover a single rocks glass with a final loss of maybe 50% of the teaspoon, and a double rocks glass with a loss of no more than 33%. With practice (and practice at this drink doesn't suck), you'll get to know the glasses you are commonly working with. I'm always aiming for the least I can use and get it done in 3 or 4 rotations. And I gotta' tell you, nothing is sexier than watching a good bartender pour just the right amount of absinthe, coat the glass in 3 or 4 spins, and end up pouring out a minimal amount. That's the craft. And for you frugal types out there, at average retail, a teaspoon of absinthe is about $.50. A teaspoon is 1/6 of an ounce. You could rinse real fast with 3cl (1 ounce), but that is serious overkill. If I were using that much, I'd be concerned with recovery of the excess, as well. At typical retails an ounce of absinthe is about $2.40 to $3.00. If you don't recover the excess you just doubled the cost of your drink, if you're using a fairly ordinary rye. Two dashes, in my opinion, would be very difficult to rinse with. Two dashes is about 1/24 of an ounce. If you're talking just dashing it into the drink, I've seen it done and have done it myself, but you get nowhere near the aromatic pizzazz you get with a complete rinse on a glass. I never used the atomizer, but have seen it done with varying degrees of success. What I haven't liked is when some bartender is sloppy with it, misses the interior of the glass, and you end up with a lot of absinthe smell in the environment, affecting the perception of all the drinks in that environment. Class dismissed.
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