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  1. Bumpski again, just because it's so delish. Will be making again for a gathering of 20 or so.
  2. Nice to see you around, MPC! Nice to see anyone around, for that matter. I was about to start a "Knock, Knock" thread. I've been wanting to try that one. Saw it at a bar the other day, but I couldn't ask to taste everything. I had a 2008 Marteau Absinthe de la Belle Epoque last night. That stuff has aged out just beautifully!
  3. Yep. I still miss those birthday announcements. Happy Birthday, HM!
  4. Had a couple of those KBS recently. Come to think of it, had a few Martinis, as well.
  5. Just trying to help you get to 20,369.
  6. Well, never one to pile on... well almost never! Happy Birthday, my man!
  7. I love a proper Irish Coffee. Every time I see one of those lame-o jame-o concoctions served up with spray on faux cream, and, God forbid, Bailey's, it just makes me want to cry.
  8. I sure wish we had the old birthday prompts. Happy Birthday, whenever it was!
  9. If you got to my unedited post quickly, I apologise. I didn't understand that the final section of the previous post was the proposal. I not only have a problem with the proposed ceiling, of 95%, but I agree with Gwydion's opinion on no regulation of sugar content. Allowing 95% makes no sense, since if the absinthe were distilled to this degree, it would have no substantial character. The only way I imagine that would be possible, would be to fortify it, post distillation, with enough 95% spirit to force that level. Otherwise, you don't stand a chance of having a product with the "taste, aroma, and characteristics generally attributed to absinthe". At 30%, I'm thinking it would be almost pre-louched. Nice to see they're considering it, but they need to be educated once again.