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  1. Hello All. Does anyone know where I can purchase Absinthe in Yongsangu or Itaewon districts in Seoul, Korea?
  2. Thanks everyone. There is some great advice given in this thread. That's a great demo Robert and a great site.
  3. Hello all. What is the best way to add or drip the water if you do not have a fountain? I just ordered a bottle of Kübler from DUNY.
  4. Thanks Shabba. I did have a great time. Hopefully we can get together there one day.
  5. Just wanted to thank Justin at Central Michel Richard in downtown D.C. who was the perfect host yesterday at happy hour. Had the privilege of having my first experience with absinthe. First was the Kübler. Very nice and interesting flavor. Second was the Lucid. Slightly different flavor which was not quite as strong? Finally, Justin made me a Sazerac. He is a magician with a glass! This was my first Sazerac but I will be bold and say Shabba was right, it is the best in town! It was as Smooth as silk! Thanks to Shabba for the intro. I will be a regular patron there from now on.
  6. Hello all. Is there anywhere to purchase absinthe in San Antonio TX.? I am here for a few weeks and would like to purchase a bottle.
  7. do you visit Central Michel Richard from time to time?
  8. thanks everyone. this forum is great. you all seem quite knowledgeable. Hey Shabba... being a virgin and all, i wanted the first experience to be A+. i just may visit Central Michel Richard and say hi to Justin. i grew up in S.E. D.C. currently living in Upper Marlboro Md. about 5 minutes across the line.
  9. hello everyone. i am james from d.c. i am new to absinthe and eager to learn more. i was in Germany a couple weeks ago and heard of the drink for the first time. i did not get a chance to try it so i am eager to try it. i came across the thread of bars in the d.c. area that serve absinthe and wanted your opinions on whether or not this is the best route for a first timer. also, i was wondering where i could order samples? thanks in advance