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  1. What? I just popped around the corner for a sixer and some smokes. Did I miss anything?
  2. I picked up two bottles yesterday. Lovely stuff. A wonderful, honeyed mintiness up front, followed by candied anise mid-palate and a slightly numbing, pleasingly astringent finish. I wouldn't describe it as a traditional Pontarlier absinthe, but a thoughtful and very enjoyable reinterpretation of the style. It may be my new favorite domestic offering. Bravo!
  3. You should, however, see the oils swirling on the surface of your drink if you look at it slightly from the side. You should also smell them when you raise the glass to your lips. Don't know what kind of "twist" you're using, but try cutting off a quarter-sized (and shaped) piece of the peel from the side of your lemon (being careful to remove as little of the white pith underneath as possible). Hold this, peel side facing down, between your thumb and forefinger a couple of inches over the drink. Pinch the peel so that it bows downward in the direction of your drink. If it comes from a nice, fresh lemon, you should see a fine mist of oils expressed onto the drink. No actual "twisting" involved here. Don't forget to rub the peel around the rim of your glass afterward. What you do with it next is up to you (I drop mine in).
  4. A great, great movie. Powell and Pressburger rule.
  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone; it was as good as a 40th can be. Scott: Thanks! FPB: Movie rights are sold. Just waiting on Sam Jackson to sign on to play me.
  6. A really nice Negroni with Greylock Ethereal gin (batch #4), Atsby Armadillo Cake vermouth, and Campari--up, orange twist. Good to see you, Bill!
  7. A Boulevardier with Four Roses Single Barrel, Gran Classico, Dolin Sweet, and a lemon twist. Yassss.
  8. Greetings! I second Evan's suggestion. Why not have a glass of each so you can compare and contrast?