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  1. Ah ... I should have known. What a fool I have been! Thanks for your very kind help.
  2. I just got an email from DrinkupNY that announces availability of a new absinthe called "Mythe." Anybody know anything about it?
  3. Just got an email from DrinkupNY. Just ordered the St. George.
  4. I was at Sam's in the north suburbs this weeekend ... and they had Lucid, and Kübler ... and Herbsaint!
  5. I have little things sent to the office sometimes, since we get a courier order every day anyway, and I work in the dept which receives materials. But I don't have my liquid refreshments sent there. I live relatively close to the pick-up, so I usually just call the number on the yellow slip and pop over in the evening. I also bought a couple of huge Infinity speakers on EBay last year, and had them sent to my home address (Thank God!). Each speaker arrived in a double-sized box full of peanuts, and weighed 50 lb.
  6. I ordered yesterday, and was quite surprised to find that it shipped today. Delivery is scheduled for thursday ... hopefully, some time when I'm home. In any case, I don't work friday.
  7. Points: Caffeine-Free Diet Coke: The flavor and carbonation of Diet Coke, and a good night's sleep afterwards. Non-Alcoholic Pastis: The flavor of anise, and you still get to keep your job and/or your driver's license.
  8. I have heard mention of non-alcoholic varieties of pastis. Does anyone know anything about those? I know it wouldn't be the same, of course, but the thought of being able to enjoy an anise drink anywhere at any time ... I am intrigued.
  9. "dropping twenty dollars on cajun corn chowder spooned over a pineapple cornbread trencher" You nailed that one! Indeed--Welcome!
  10. Stuff happens--especially in the heat of giddy expectation. Te absolvat.
  11. Hmmmm ... Nevertheless, I've put my order in. This will be my first taste of genuine absinthe. I'm #3151, and I better see it soon (Grrrrr!).
  12. ...approved by NASA, for when you "Absolutely, Positively have to get their overnight."
  13. And that pretty much brings things full circle, doesn't it?
  14. Actually--I don't think they did ... and that doesn't make sense, does it? Perhaps some beverage concern has noticed the absinthe revival, and is coming-out with another Absente-thing-a-ma-bob to capitalize on it. Or maybe it's just a new cologne.