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  1. Hi guys, Haven't posted in a while. Recently the only Absinthe's I've been drinking are Lucid and Kübler, both easy to get locally. I tried Mata Hari, which is foul. It tastes like mouth wash. I'm actually currently using it as mouth wash. Makes me feel rich, Seriously, that stuff doesn't take like absinthe at all. It's putrid nastiness. Anyway, so I was just about to order from 'Binny's' but they say they won't ship to Georgia. I don't understand this, because DrinkupNY had no problem shipping to GA. I just don't want to order from those guys after they completely screwed my order up last time and didn't bother to mention it to me, then they cancelled it without telling me because I complained about the delay and nobody letting me know when to expect it. It basically said "order processed" for around two weeks, then I finally complain and the order gets cancelled... The other shops listed here are all out of the country. Is DrinkupNY the only online retailer willing to ship to Georgia? I really don't want to give them my business... they don't care about little guys like me one bit and it shows. Let me know if there's another site where I can broaden my horizons, I'd consider ordering from Canada if the shipping's not too bad and they'll actually ship to my state... stupid laws I say. I wish our society (globally) would wake up on drugs/alcohol and quit trying to stop people from doing what they want to do (to themselves). -Wesley D.
  2. Just wanna say thanks for the warm welcome! i can't say that I'll be the most contributory member, as it seems many of you are certified experts on the all things Absinthe, but I'll do my best to chime in now and again. Thanks for the links too! -Wesley D.
  3. Hey there, Nice to see another Atlanta native on here. I'll vouch for Kübler, our local shops have it, you get a free spoon, and you get 1000ml for about $50 (what I've seen anyway). Just thought I'd say hello. -Wesley D.
  4. Hello all, I've been lurking quite a bit around here. This site has been a major resource in my learning about Absinthe. When I first saw it at my local liquor store I was skeptical. So I started reading about it everywhere. I first tried Lucid and then Kübler. I've yet to experience any other brands. I recently saw some type of 'Bohemian' stuff at my local shop, next time I'm there I'll write down the entire name. I've been using the reviews here and the forum to determine whether a brand was worthwhile or not. It seems most of you acknowledge Lucid & Kübler as two good brands that aren't too expensive. Real quick, is DrinkupNY the only company offering online sales in the US? I had one order from them arrive with no problems. But with my last one they had an issue with their distributor and delayed my order by 2+ weeks. They never contacted me to let me know what was going on and the whole time their website said my order had processed. I finally complained and they told me there was a delay, then they emailed me and said it had shipped and then they cancelled my order. I've been really frustrated with them and they've made absolutely no effort to remedy the situation. At this piont I don't want to give them any more of my money. But it looks like they're the only game in town... My local shop carries a few brands, and hopefully they'll get more, but I'd like to try some of the bottles that I've been reading about on here. Ok, I think I typed enough, glad to be a member of this wonderful site. -Wesley D.