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  1. BevMo! (california area) La Muse Verte St. George Verte Kübler Pernod Lucid Superieure Mata Hari Obsello Tourment Vert Leopold Bros. Absinthe Verte
  2. That's funny this thread was created. I've drank absinthe about 4 nights now...and the first night I didn't get much, but the second night I did have different dreams, that felt real and I remembered them in the morning. I was thinking to myself, I wonder if its the absinthe or just a phase...I must admit I actually like it, but most important waking up like I didn't even drink is my favorite.
  3. Well, Kübler has been a nice experience and much, much different than the LTV. I started with the 2:1 ratio warm, but it was a little much right after a days work. So I went to 3:1 ratio with no sugar and that was a little light. I think I'll be going with 2:1 ratio, with 1 cubes of ice. This will keep it cool and add water over the cource of my session. My brothers are coming over tonight, so we're going to have a "green evening" and shoot some pool and play a little ping pong. Once again everyone thank you for the warm welcome and information. I look forward to learning more about Absinthe and the community over time.
  4. Thank you, much better...I'll eventually work my way up to 2:1 ratio without ice...but right now I like to sip on it.
  5. My First: Le Tourment Vert Absinthe My Now: Kübler My Next: Obsello? My Future: Jade? So, yeah 2:1 I might need to go 3:1.
  6. Wow, very responsive forum. Thank you everyone for the prompt replies and info. Shortly after posting I saw someone mention Kübler on another thread. So I called a few Bevmo's and found it in Northridge. Went out there grab a bottle for a reasonable 50.00 and picked up a spoon and sugar cubes. I made myself a glass 2:1 ratio (water to Kübler) and checked back on this thread....Sure enough looks like I made a right choice. My only issue is it's a little warm now, guess thats by design? Does it take away if I add ice to keep it cooler? Regardless, I look forward to moving my way up to some of the over seas ones mentioned in the top 10 thread. Oh and I live is southern california (simi valley to be exact) Once again thanks everyone!
  7. Thanks guys! Sorry about the intital HTML, modified my first post and it added all that weird coding, should be clean now!
  8. I'm new to the whole Absinthe scene, so when I bought a bottle I had no idea what to expect... It's my usual Friday after work, head to BevMo (local store) for beer tasting. Well on my way to the back of the store, I hear the manager and a customer discussing absinthe, which prior to this day I have never even heard of it. I'm drawn to the discussion but stand quietly near the tequila, so I don't appear to be eavesdropping. I heard the manager recommend 'Le Tourment Vert Absinthe' saying its not as strong, but that it was the better tasting of the ones available. So, I pick up a bottle and take it over to my friends for Poker. I start off mixing it with pineapple juice and 7up (per the lucid info), later in the night we all were taking shots. Between 3 of us, we polished off 75% of the bottle. As the night goes on, we're not tired a bit, 2:30am rolls around and we're ready to take a cab back to my place for pool and ping pong. We'll that was a great idea to everyone but his sleeping wife, whom we woke up...I take that ride alone, and go to sleep. I did have a different type of sleep that night and I didn't have any hangover the following morning. At this time i realized I was drinking something totally different, something I'm completely drawn to now. The research begins... Google being my friend, I search for words like "preban" "grande wormwood" "thujone." I figure the stuff in the US just isn't going to give me the true feeling of Absinthe. Well, I come up with names like,"Absinthe King of Spirits Gold" and so on. Finally I decide Googling ranked websites aren't the way to go, and I need to get real feedback from a community. My next search gets me here. Over the past 2 days I've learned a little overall, but ALOT from what I knew. My questions to the guru's: -Is thujone an important ingredient to have in absinthe? If so, what do you recommend? - Is taking shots completely worthless? The more I read I could see the importance of using the spoon with a sugar cube and cold water. I imagine that was dumb, but I'm happy I made that mistake with 'Le Tourment Vert ' - Which of the following would you recommend: (If possible the top few, the store website shows more than I see actually on the shelf) 'La Muse Verte Absinthe St. George Absinthe Verte Kübler Absinthe Pernod Absinthe Lucid Absinthe Superieure Mata Hari Absinthe Obsello Absinthe Tourment Vert Absinthe eopold Bros. Absinthe Verte Thanks everyone and I apologize if I sound like I have no idea what I'm talking about....but I don't!