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  1. People in Washington, (who own maps) think that Montana in MOSTLY NORTH of Colorado. Montana extends somewhat further west than Colorado, but both states are considered "Western States" by the geography text that I remember. This isn't an important Absinthe-related point. But I'm a bit bored.
  2. I think the mid-east is in Ohio! (Or at least a pretty big population of people of mid-eastern heritage)
  3. Ah well, to each their own. I just don't find straight Absinthe to be that rough of an experience. I often take a small straight taste of a variety that is new to me. Then I mix a drink to enjoy all of the subtleties. But then, I'm a NO SUGAR person. If I want something sweet when I'm drinking, I eat chocolate.
  4. VdF over shaved ice in the "sipping pipe" is not the worst Absinthe experience I've ever had. The shaved ice melts down and louches the drink a bit. Tiny sips through the pipe are an interesting experience. Not something that I'm inclined to do often, but my taste buds are just fine thanks.
  5. Welcome Lucky Dog! You're always a winner!
  6. Thats exactly what I thought. Looks more like it belonged to Tommy Chong. He went to jail for selling mail-order bongs.
  7. All of the factors that GG mentions, and more, do affect the experience of a mixed drink. One of the difficulties in verbalizing a drink experience, is that our literacy in "Absinthe Speak" varies depending upon our own background and research. My first experience with wine was cheap white Chablis. It was a great experience, not in any way diminished because I've since learned a little about wine. My first Absinthe was Sebor. It was a great experience, and still not in any way diminished by my developing a taste for REAL Absinthe. I don't drink "Mountain White Chablis" anymore, and I certainly don't drink Sebor anymore. But I'm glad I did, when I did!
  8. Hi! It just gets better from here.
  9. I wanna see him cut glass with his diamond nipples. Or lead crystal. . .
  10. I never miss an opportunity to revisit my Death in the Afternoon experience. My "Afternoon" lasted for nearly 3 days of pure Be careful.
  11. I'm glad the word censor lets you say "feces" in other languages. Welcome!
  12. The slow ice water drip will chill the drink. Some like to add ice to thier drink - after it has louched. I do. I don't really see any advantage to chilling the glass. Other opinons? I'm curious.
  13. Perhaps not in this particular thread, but we've had some rusty saber rattling from other branches of the armed forces in this forum.
  14. Welcome Belarmin. If you like the Jade NO then you may like FG. I really like both of them and I find some similarities in the flavors. I think I've also observed that the folks who don't like FG usually don't list NO among their favorites. Enjoy!
  15. Sure does! But the bar is different, mine's red oak.
  16. And I thought Seattle was supposed to be a coffee MECCA. I haven't seen that blend at Tully's yet.
  17. Thank you, Hiram. Very lucid. You should write textbooks. The feds could start a program based on your curriculum; No Drunk Left Behind.
  18. Weasels always make me laugh!