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  1. Well. . . I guess its better than "The dog ate my invitation".
  2. I poured the General into his house at about 4:00 am. Skeeter and Goose got a few hours sleep before leaving at about 8:45 am. It was a great time. Thank you all for coming!
  3. We're missing you guys. I'm laying a guilt trip on you. We're all deeply hurt. But we're getting over it quickly. Very quickly.
  4. Use it as an instrument in the "Absinthe Jug Band".
  5. How many of us women folk are on this forum? And yay for more cats! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Welcome noniviolet! My avatar is gender-acurate. But I'm much better looking in person
  6. Reminds me of buying a prepped chicken at the deli and then spicing it up a bit and finishing it in your own oven. A technique for those who can't really cook, (or don't have time), but want something better than a T.V. dinner.
  7. I use the exact same infusion jar as a fountain. I've got a couple of them. I drink Absinthe because I like it. I'm not into the "mystique", antiques or playing at historical re-enactments. So a home-made fountain made from a plastic bottle or a cheap infusion jar is fine with me. As long as the jar is clean, the water is cold, and the Absinthe is louching, I'm happy.
  8. To paraphrase George Carlin; There are no bad words. There are bad thoughts and bad intentions - not words. I have an adequate vocabulary for a college-educated resident of the Pacific Northwest. I use the word f-u-c-k when I choose. I cuddle with my husband.
  9. This makes enormous sense. I worked for a start-up bio-tech company a few years ago, they required flu and tetanus shots for all employees. They had a nurse come in an inject everyone and do a blood pressure test too. We were working 70+ hours a week and they wanted us to stay healthy because we had developed the product and processes and we had no back-up staff. This was the only flu shot I ever got in my life. I had some problems due to exhaustion, but no flu.
  10. Thanks Gertz. We're probably all geeks in our own ways.
  11. Hey, forget Star Wars - That's Captain Kirk!!!!
  12. Hello Joel in Dallas, You will encounter our "word filter" from time to time. There are all kinds of terms that are censored and replaced with "clever" or "cleaned-up" words and phrases. I think this is intended to assist us in behaving like "adults". Enjoy. . .
  13. Um, no. I'm the nudist, (and newest) Illuminati.
  14. Karen Carpenter songs make me hungry.
  15. Welcome from another cat fancier!
  16. Absomphe and I are old enough to remember when Rice Krinkles were represented by a politically incorrect animated asian kid named So Hi. So Hi was even more offensive than the Frito Bandito. He had his own cartoon too. Every episode ended with a little Confucius-like saying that began; "Moral of story honorable children friends..." However, I do really like François Guy. (Back on topic - kind of)
  17. Hi Aardvark! You can reply to this greeting and get another post added to your count.