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  1. Hi PuppetmasteX. Have you looked at the Virtual Absinthe Museum site? I'm more into drinking the stuff than playing with the accessories, but if you haven't looked there yet, it might be a good place to start your research.
  2. Hello, and welcome. Its cold and wet here in Washington State also.
  3. Must have been a great post. Too bad we can't all share it. . . . ?
  4. Felicitations Oscar, you're a gentleman and a grouch.
  5. Jack calls my S.O. "Sau-sir". Kind of cute. He, (Sau-sir) likes Absinthe, especially some very local H.G. But he doesn't enjoy people in groups, so we drink together at home, then I go drink more in public!
  6. Kirkland, WA in winter. Sultan, Wa in summer.
  7. If you use a real corkscrew correctly it does not damage the cork in such a way as to make it unusable. If you EVER shove a corkscrew all the way through a cork, you are doing it wrong. If a cork disintegrates when you are using a real corkscrew correctly, there was something wrong with the cork, and therefore quite possibly something wrong with the contents of the bottle. This is not only true for wine, but for any corked bottle. (Balsamic vinegar is an example of a corked liquid other than wine or Absinthe).
  8. You guys call. 206-421-1007 888-647-1007 I don't want anyone in town to know that I'd even listen to these assholes.
  9. Check out the website for the disc jock. bjaday.com They are showing a bottle of SEBOR from Jacob at GREEN FAIRY.ORG
  10. Wow, you're quick! A co-worker just told me about this, and I'll be hanging out in his office to hear it. Thanks for the call-in phone numbers. This might be fun. It's certainly better than working. . .
  11. Hiram asked everyone to chill and let him deal with this issue. I trust him to do so and recommend that you do the same.
  12. Really? This is a genuine concern and Hiram is wise to address it.
  13. Good thought on identifying vendor's posts. I'm not suggesting that vendors shouldn't be considered "regular members". Only that the APPEARANCE of advertising or administrative participation be avoided - keeps it all nice and simple and clear.
  14. Perhaps intensely interested members, like Ari, should be the ones to start these threads. It avoids any appearance of advertising, and gives those with an opinion an opportunity to "educate" us.