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  1. Tumblers?!? All I ever get to use is a Flintstones grape jelly jar at your house. Saving the good stuff for the important guests I see.
  2. It is for dispensing wine. I have one too. It looks good behind the bar, and I mainly got it as a decoration. Its not the way I like to serve wine. I got mine at an antique store for a couple of bucks. I'd be suprised if it was worth much more than I paid for it. I suppose you could use it as an Absinthe fountain, but you have to keep some pressure on the little needle valve to keep it pouring.
  3. That he was finished?
  4. Welcome! If I were in Belgium, I couldn't get the beer away from my mouth long enough to drink Absinthe!
  5. Correct. They are my only organized, textile social events. I'm always wearing clothes when I see Jack at the grocery store.
  6. Nice fountain there, greentongue! Welcome
  7. Draw us a picture! With a "Great Big Ole Tree" right in the middle. I used to like to get stoned and watch Bob Ross, just to see him ruin almost every painting by sticking a "Great Big Ole Tree" right over all of the "Happy Little Things" he'd just spent a half hour painting.
  8. Greetings Herr Doktor, This site contains many useful reviews and other information that you will need to read over if you want to enjoy your interactions on this forum. Please read the FAQ, the product reviews and do a search of this site for "Sebor". This will help you to get started learning about Absinthe.
  9. Yeah. Its the cafe at a nudist club. The club is open all year, beautiful facilities. But here in rainy Western Washington the cafe is only open during the summer. I wear whatever is appropriate to what I'm doing. When I serve a bar-b-que on the beach, I find it approriate to only wear an apron. In the kitchen, I wear clothes. No jokes about frying bacon in the nude!
  10. Our club is hosting a national convention this summer. Come on out and join us. And now I'll stop talking about nudism or Hiram will start posting pictures of old, fat naked people! :P
  11. I'm a boring CAD/CAM technician for 40 hours a week. :( But I'm a Nudist Chef during the summer.
  12. To obtain the described flour in the Seattle area, purchase Stone Buhr unbleached white flour. Its stone ground, 100% natural, ground mostly from Triticum Durum wheat. It works great for bread, biscuits, sauces, etc. Note: if the flour is stone ground, its not necessary to add back the vitamins. They are lost in the steel buhr grinding process used for much commercially produced flour. Steel makes too much heat and destroys the nutrients. Durum is a "hard" wheat frequently used in breads. You'll also see it called "bread flour" - NOT "self-rising" or "bread machine" flour. Although, with the right recipe it will work ok in a bread machine. Bread flour is also good for many sauces. Particularly the Mother Sauces that are the base for so many other things. You got me talking food again! I'll stop now. Additional note: European ingredients and cooking techniques are not at all uncommon in the USA.
  13. We've had some discussion of expensive, fancy and elaborate ways of opening these waxed bottles. A simple "Waiter's Friend" corkscrew and some practise is all that is required. You can spend a lot of time and money on gadgets, if you like them for their own sake. But learning to do it with the basic inexpensive tool used by Sommeliers and waiters everywhere is very useful. If you can master the simple tools, you don't have to depend on gadgets. If you do damage the cork, or get a bottle with a fragile cork, a 2 pronged cork puller is a good "situation saver." WINE LOVER'S COMPANION by Ron Herbst and Sharon Tyler Herbst has a lot of good information about opening and serving that applies to Absinthe well as wine or other corked liquids.
  14. Thats really interesting Grim. I think Salvia blossoms look rather like Hyssop blossoms. Welcome Jimzuma. Thanks for mentioning the Salvia, it caught my interest.
  15. I agree that this thread should be out in the open, in its entirety. Someplace where it will be seen by all, especially by anyone thinking about posting any fake Absinthe Bullshit. Kind of like displaying your enemies heads on stakes outside the castle wall - it might ward them off.
  16. Didn't you always wonder what those letters really meant? Now you know! Its just a word filter, mostly humorous. Don't let it slow you down.
  17. But having too many does entertain the designated driver! Welcome DJM.
  18. How geological! Welcome
  19. Felicitations! Look at all the years of pleasure you have ahead of you. I didn't learn about Absinthe until I was well over 40!