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  1. You boys oughtta get a room. And be sure to post pictures
  2. I'll remind you of this when my birthday comes around!
  3. Seems you joined just in time to celebrate your special day!
  4. It's not necessary to be a guy to be "one of the guys". Welcome
  5. I'm runnin' right behind Hiram with my clip-clop coconut shells!
  6. I spent a cold and disappointing day in the Cascade foothills. I usually drink only Absinthe or Beer. Tonight I'm gonna have a Brandy. I need to be warmed and comforted.
  7. I agree with Mr GreenGenes! BTW, Of course Americans study other languages in school! I was taught Spanish in Elementary School. It was not elective, it was part of our study of Language Arts in general, with English and Spanish in specific. In Jr. High and High School we could choose the language we wished to study. I chose Russian. Spanish and Russian don't really help me much with French. But I've still done OK with my American Public School Education.
  8. Welcome! So many theatre people all of a sudden. I met my husband while working on a High School play, several decades ago. We both participated in community theatre for years. Now our hobbies are a little more outdoor oriented. But we still enjoy Seattle's ever-evolving theatre scene.
  9. Late cause I'm old. Felicitations, youngster
  10. That guy in the thread is talking about painting his Harley. I don't think the bike in the picture is a Harley. A Harley with 3 cylinders?!? And you thought it sounded cool with the way they time their usual 2 cylinders. Whoever made that must be one of those custom-bike-chopper-type-geniuses.
  11. Welcome You're close enough to attend the next WS event. That'll be a real learning experience.
  12. Hi! I've missed you and your Magic Drinking Fez.
  13. Hiram's right about the synthetic corks. They are better than natural cork in many ways. They do not deteriorate like natural cork and will not contaminate the beverage in any way. They are also very easy to remove and never come apart, no matter how clumsy one is with the corkscrew.
  14. Welcome! The FGuy is one of my old favorites. Let us know how you enjoy it. You're close enough to come up to a WS event in Seattle!
  15. Welcome, Bill. Question: OMG? = OH MY GOD? Reminds me of my favorite Uncle, Dammit Bill.
  16. Timothy, Timothy, My God what did we do?
  17. Hey! I'm the Saucier, I've got all Soup Nazi references reserved!
  18. Saucier


    You read the Lobster Story? I still haven't recovered. :twitch: Add On: By the way, welcome Sylex. I was a little shook up there and forgot to greet you. I need a drink.
  19. Poor Plunger has a bit of a stutter. Felicitations
  20. Monday, January 30th, the G4 channel is going to have a segment on Absinthe. It'll be on "ATTACK OF THE SHOW" at 4:00 pm PST. I get the G4 channel on Ch. 136 on Comcast. For some reason we receive the east coast schedule. I keep reminding myself that when they advertise a show at 7:00 pm, I need to set the recorder for 4:00. No tiVo here, we're behind the times. This is "The Video Game Channel", so I doubt they'll have much real information. It might be amusing, it might just be more irritating crap. (For anyone who's wondering what an old woman is doing watching a channel that focuses on video games, with all programs hosted by 20 year olds; they show a lot of Star Trek re-runs and that's what I'm there for).