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  1. My brother and I went halves on a bottle of Kübler 53. Will let you know what we think.
  2. I went to a local store that has pretty much every alcohol legal in the US (and if they don't have it, they can get it) and bought a bottle of Razzouk and one of Herbsaint. I liked the Herbsaint better, but they're both good.
  3. Yep. All my cash is going to pay for grad school. When I get my next teeny-tiny paycheck (I'm a research assistant for one of the profs) I'm going to place an order at LdF (is that the right abbreviation?) but my brother is too cheap to want to shell out that kind of cash for alcohol. However, he has said that if you all say that the Absente isn't worth it, he'll add a bottle of his own to my absinthe order so we can split the shipping costs.
  4. My brother wanted me to ask you all... Is Absente even worth trying? He found a bottle at Bristol Farms (gourmet grocery store) and is thinking of going back and buying it.
  5. I thought the stuff I tried was pretty tasty. However, it pretty much just tasted like licorice, and I like licorice. kinda had a mouthwashy feel to it, tho. There was no complexity to it, just licorice flavour. It did turn a very pretty greenish-white (louche?) when water was added. I'm not sure what I'm going to end up ordering. Gotta wait til I get paid. Most of my customers should pay up by next week, so I'll probably order then. Probably will order the Edouard (yes, I'm a noob and want to try something green) and the versinthe.
  6. Hi, everyone. I've only tried absinthe once. I liked it and would like to find more. The stuff I tried had 1792 on the bottle. I didn't get a good look at it; it belonged to a friend of a friend who was kind enough to share. So, my questions: what was the absinthe I tried? is it considered good absinthe? I did a site search here for 1792 and didn't find any mention of it at all. good/bad/indifferent? if that isn't good absinthe, what should I try? is absinthe24 a good website to order from? About all I know about absinthe is what was in the FAQ here, and that setting sugar on fire is bad even though it was in the movies. =) Any help/info would be appreciated. Thanks so much! -N-