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  1. Sunshine in Seattle & a glass of Marteau. It's a GOOD evening!
  2. As a Cap Hill person, don't forget Liberty for good absinthe if you're in the area.
  3. Thank you gentlemen for the reassurance. The absinthe was the last thing I needed to worry about today. I'm ready for the drinking NOW.
  4. Hi all, searched the forum & couldn't find anything quick, and I'm just sick... Bed bugs...rental....very last minute communication mix-up with the landlord concerning offsite storage....heat treatment today for the entire apartment... Due to all of these things, my absinthe (and all my other booze) will be exposed to close to 140 degrees today for about four hours. Some opened (corked) bottles, and many unopened bottles (My Jade & Marteau stash...) I'm just sick to my stomach about what this is gonna do to my bottles. I'm hoping they're not too wrecked, I've been so careful to store them away from sunlight, at a constant temp, now this. Anyone have any kind of experience with this? My bourbon, rye & liqueurs will probably be fine. I assume the wine is all toast, but I had real money wrapped up in the absinthe.
  5. We're sampling the Nemesinthe along with Cadbury dark mini eggs at work.
  6. Chocolate Coke. This needs ice cream to be perfect.
  7. Heh, not to mention, after a break from the forum, don't make knee-jerk posts when you read something on a website. My bad.
  8. That newsletter was what prompted my order, the text I'm referring to is light blue on white, easy to miss. I don't remember it being there last week, which is why I posted.
  9. After the last 'free shipping, just not Jade' hoo-ha, I quickly placed my order this time. Considering a second order, I checked the site just now and in light blue print, no shipping Jades to the US. While it's frustrating to customers, I'm sure the shop is just grinding their teeth in frustration. Glad I got my order in, and I hope this gets resolved soon, they seem like good people.
  10. Excellent! Pine-Sol to go with my Windex! Thank you, Brian.
  11. Just placed my LdF order, and got a bottle free. If it's nasty, it goes next to the Pere 'Windex' Keremanns. (which is the only absinthe on display, used for the roommate's friends who 'wanna trip ballz')
  12. The Charlotte and Trader Joes prosecco make a wonderful weekday DITA
  13. Prosecco with Peachello and some peach bitters.
  14. Darn you all! Now I have to open a bottle of Prosecco and decide on an absinthe. It will make laundry more fun.
  15. http://www.davidlebovitz.com/archives/2009...cream.html#more David Leibovitz is a trusted source, but still... FYI, the Makers Mark ice cream I posted ages ago is deadly good but rich. Make it to celebrate after a good cholesterol screening.
  16. I have a good friend who calls them 'drinky-poos' as well. "Oh, drop by for drinky-poos if you're in the neighborhood...."
  17. After a mediocre workout, a nice light Amarula and club soda.
  18. How lovely! Absinthe and camping just seem to go together.
  19. DUNY can be an evil, evil website. Never drink & DUNY. Not that I minded so much coming around next morning to find some lovely stuff in the mail... just the once.
  20. It's 29.99. I've only tried it once, and that was during a marathon tasting. I don't remember being offended by it, so ordered two bottles for those occasions when a new person says, "What does absinthe TASTE like?"
  21. Really good mead makes me miss being in the SCA. Tonight is Rittenhouse 100 with a splash of Carpano Antica. I'm not feeling creative.
  22. Id say no. Pere Kermann-a friend brought me back a bottle from Amsterdam when we both knew nothing of absinthe. I keep it for nostalgia. Old friends come over and say, "Haven't you used that to clean your windows YET?"
  23. Two large glasses of that sangia that's been working since Friday afternoon.