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  1. Here in little old Roanoke Va. I've just discovered a place that serves absinthe. They even have a water fountain! One of the first things I asked when ordering my first glass from them was 'do you set it on fire?' Thankfully, I was told that it was illegal in the state of VA. Finally, I'm glad something is illegal! And I've enjoyed several glasses there since.
  2. I bought a bottle of batch #39 a month ago. This is my 4th bottle of Leopold Bros and I'm pleased to say that it's just as good if not better than my first bottle, batch #8. Wonderful American made absinthe that I would recommend to anyone. In fact, I suggested it here at one of the few places that serve absinthe and they seemed really interested in trying it out. At least the bartender wrote it down.
  3. Sipping Leopold Bros and reading a Robert Mapplethorpe biography. Some of his flower photos are quite something after a few glasses of absinthe.
  4. Anyone else enjoying a bottle of this tasty tongue in cheek absinthe?
  5. By reading through all the posts on this thread and the various experiences opinioned, it's obvious to me that the 'effect' is quite subjective. One of the reasons why I love the complexities of Absinthe. Great discussion!
  6. I'll dip my toes into this murky water. I've only been drinking Absinthe for 3 years or so, but I notice that the 'effects' of European made Absinthe when compared to American made Absinthe is different in my experience. I've had a few bottles of 'good' American Absinthe and enjoyed them, but I've yet to find one that has the overall complexities of the European Absinthe I've tried. This goes all the way from the color to the type of 'buzz' or feeling I have after a glass or two. I've noticed with me that European Absinthe lends iteslf to a clarity that I can't really explain. I love to sip a glass of European Absinthe and read. It's like the book comes alive and my understanding of it is enhanced. I've just not found that with any US Absinthe's. I'll keep trying though.
  7. I usually suffer from pretty bad allergies in the springtime. However, this I've been having a few glasses of absinthe in the evenings and so far no real issues with allergies. I've even been sitting outside during nice evenings while enjoying a glass. I think I'll continue to self medicate!
  8. A few glasses of LDF Absinthe Suisse La Verte with the first three Blue Oyster Cult LP's.
  9. To continue with some further Crowley/absinthe connections...Phil Baker, who has written a few books on Absinthe, has a new book forthcoming about Austin Osman Spare. Spare was briefly associated with Crowley and we all know about the Brevans Austin O Spare absinthe. In celebration I ordered not only the book yesterday, but a fresh new bottle of Brevans AOS!
  10. I've had my A.O. Spare bottle open for a few months now. Had a glass this weekend an WOW! If I thought I liked it before...YUM! Just wonderful. Highly recommended.
  11. Very sad as I just received a few bottles of this wonderful absinthe several weeks ago. One of my favorites. I must order a few more bottles before they are no more.
  12. I'll add that if you local store only has Pernod, Le Tourment Verte, Grande Absente, Absente, Kübler, or Lucid, go with the Kübler or Lucid. I'd also suggest reading the reviews on the WS site BEFORE making a purchase. Absinthe is not cheap and it's not a good feeling to spend $70 on a bottle of drain cleaner. If possible order the 'good stuff' online. You'll be thankful.
  13. Regardless of what batch it is, I'm REALLY enjoying it! I'll probably pick another bottle next paycheck. I'll see if they have any other Leopold offerings while I'm at it. Thanks for the info!
  14. Quick question...What is the most recent batch number for Leopold Bros Absinthe? I bought a bottle of Batch 18 last weekend and was just reading some reviews of batches 25 and 28. Has 18 been sitting in my local ABC store THAT long? Being that they didn't have it in the Absinthe section might be why I didn't find it until last Saturday.... It VERY good regardless of what batch it is.
  15. leopold, I'm REALLY enjoying batch 18 of your Absinthe Verte. I've done a few 'taste testings' since Saturday. I'm super pleased. I'll be sure to keep my eyes open for other Leopold Spirits here in VA.
  16. I was thrilled to find 4 bottles of Leopold Bros Absinthe at my local ABC store this evening. I almost missed them though as they had them in the 'Blends' section rather than with the other Absinthe's(wannabe Absinthes.) I've had batch 8, 12, and now 18. I'm thankful as the local Absinthe options mostly SUCK! I like Leopold Bros alot.
  17. I said I wouldn't post again, but never say never. I'm just now reading through this thread after my outburst and I'm embarrassed. Life hasn't been that great for me the last year or so and I did way overreact to Ron's comment. I was just having fun and relaxing for the first time in a long while when I made my original 'Essai' post in this thread. I took Ron's 'fyi' as a correction. I apologize for being overly sensitive. I promise to here on out refer to absinthe's by their name proper. All that said and I think I'm gonna go louche a glass of ESSAI # 5! Seriously though, I'm sorry for acting like an ass. I hope I'm still welcome here.
  18. Yes, I know that. I was simply enjoying a few glasses of brut d' alembic (essai 5) last night and made the mistake of taking a shortcut in typing. I also stupidly thought Art of Essai was a cute way of saying Art of the Experiment. Humor doesn't translate well on forums I see.. I think the Wormwood Society is a fantastic resourse for all things absinthe. I've gained much knowledge the last couple of years from this site. Sadly, I stopped contributing to this forum(posting wise) many months ago because of uncalled for rude comments made in regards to simple posts I've made. Your comment a fine example of why I won't be posting on these forums again.
  19. I'm sipping a glass of Essai no. 5 right now. I had finished off my 2 bottles of no. 4 so I had to order a no. 5. This is probably my favorite Absinthe. I think no.5 might be a tad smoother than 4, but it also may be that I've got my water ratio down to an art with Essai.
  20. I believe LDF is running a 10% off special for mailing list subscribers right now. Good time to order a bottle...or two!
  21. Enjoying a nice glass of Brevans A.O. Spare.
  22. I recently received a bottle of Brevans A.O. Spare, and think it's a really nice tasting Absinthe. Fantastic artwork as well. Highly recommended.
  23. I'm quirky so MOL is certainly appealing to me. : ) I'm now having my 3rd, and last glass of it for the evening and listening to Wild Man Fischer's An Evening with Wild Man Fischer. I don't think it gets much quirkier than that!
  24. HA! When I put the LP on I was singing to myself... 'this ain't the garden of eden, there ain't no Meadow of Love...' : ) Love Secret Treaties too, but the first Cult record is my favorite.
  25. Sipping my second glass of Meadow of Love(just arrived today) and listening to Blue Oyster Cult's Agents of Fortune on vinyl. I'm REALLY digging the MOL. Tasty tasty!!!! It's a good day to be off from work early! : )