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  1. René is ready, he just received stuff ! La Maison d'Absinthe 823, rue Royale New Orleans, Louisiana 70116 United States http://www.lamaisondabsinthe.com/default.aspx?Affiliate=1/default.aspx?Affiliate=1 sales@lamaisondabsinthe.com http://www.absinthefrenchmanspoon.com/
  2. Thank you very much for your welcome
  3. If you are interested to retail Absinthe accessories in your state (USA), be free to contact my new partner on New Orleans : rene@lamaisondabsinthe.com By this way, you will not have horrible mail fees between France and USA .... PhiL Frenchmanltd@wanadoo.fr http://www.absinthefrenchmanspoon.com/ rene@lamaisondabsinthe.com http://www.lamaisondabsinthe.com/default.aspx?Affiliate=1/default.aspx?Affiliate=1/