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  1. and tonight Medeski, Martin and Wood - End of the world party... (Just in Case) Video.
  2. Sipping Lucid...Listening to Phish - Live 6 Wading in the velvet sea...
  3. Absinthe does indeed seem to be forgiving the next day. I have had several nights recently where I have had 5-6 or more of this delicious concoction and feel much better the next day compared to drinking 5-6 (or more) beers. Absinthe is way more fun than beer in preparing a drink, the associated stories you can tell and the effect. My recent discovery of Absinthe may also have something to do with my consumption rate (and fascination). I am only on my second bottle (in a week or so) and am really enjoying the drink. This forum extends that enjoyment as I feel like I have lots of drinking buddies here at WS.
  4. Georgia (local) Gwinnett, Beverage Superstore Lucid Kübler Mata Hari La Tourment Verte Grand Absente They said they are getting more new absinthe(s) from the Lucid distributor... maybe La Clandestine and Nouvelle-Orléans?
  5. I am on my fifth glass...or is it my fourth glass? I don't know. Last glass I prepared I thought the same thing so this could actually be my sixth glass (over about five hours). I am sipping on some Kübler tonight. Much smoother/milder than the first absinthe I tried - Lucid. The Kübler is also a little lighter at only 53% ABV with Lucid at 62% ABV. The Lucid sessions - I was only drinking three glasses maybe four per session. With Kübler I seem to do about four glasses or more? Does the particular absinthe encourage more glasses during the green hour?
  6. I have found it difficult to compare Absinthe to other beverages I enjoy. The whole experience for me is a bit more relaxed and intentional than say cracking open some cold beers. A nicely prepared glass of absinthe also has a different effect on me. A few beers gives me a very obvious "buzz"...with more leading me into a stupor. A few glasses of Absinthe also gives me a "buzz" but as I described before it is like driving fast with the brakes on...with more Absinthe pushing me toward almost a clarity. Hard to compare. How many glasses of absinthe do you drink in one session? I know I said the "Green Hour" but my absinthe excursions seem to cover more than just an hour and definitely more than 1 glass.
  7. Thanks to all for the kind welcome. Indeed I was up late but the schedule today was light. I had also drank a few glasses. I guess you could also say I was starting very early. Definitely a push-pull type feeling. I did got a clarification of what was available at my local beverage shop - Lucid, Kübler, Mata Hari, La Torment Verte and Grand Absente. The last two are the ones that were boxed and included spoons. Kübler will likely be next. I think it was actually less $ than Lucid? I am looking around for other options as well. Maybe an internet purchase?
  8. Greetings from Georgia. I do remember hearing about Absinthe many years ago from a friend. He described it as "an illegal alcohol drink that will make you see things". I actually did some research and found out that it was illegal *kinda sorta* in the US and pretty much dropped the subject shortly after. A couple weeks ago I was googling...Wormwood. That is the name of one of my favorite albums by a band called moe. and I wanted to know what the word meant. After digging through a few links I discovered/remembered...Absinthe! That is where I saw that word before! After a little more digging I saw that it was also now legal and available in the USA. I then found this wonderful forum (Wormwood Society ) about Absinthe and read quite a bit. I read the FAQ along with lots of other info and was intrigued by the notorious reputation this drink has. The obvious thing I was suprised to see is that the effect this drink imparts on one consuming it is quite fancified. The whole ritual of preparing this drink is also very alluring. Youtube provided ample inspiration here. The 'louche' is a reward. I read some of the threads/reviews about the various brands available including Kübler and Lucid. My local beverage shop has these two as well as Grand Absente and two others I can not perfectly remember (La Fee or La Muse?) Hmmm? I picked up a bottle of Lucid. It was not the cheapest ($59.99) but seemed to have good reviews or least I remembered seeing information that this was pretty much an authenthic Absinthe. Some of the other Absinthe products were packaged with spoons...very tempting but I chose Lucid with no spoon. Just the two eyes peering at me. I have never tried absinthe before until this past Friday night. I found a pretty cool old glass in our hutch. It is not a proper absinthe glass but it is demarked in a way with faceted sections. Once I poured the first drink from a shot glass I saw that two squares of the facets on the glass equaled one shot. I had picked up some sugar cubes for the occasion and used a fork as an impromtu stand-in for the ceremonial slotted spoon. Now I just needed a decent way to drip water into my concoction. I found a clear lime green water bottle that my kids use. I tested the drip rate and it was controllable as I could partially open the 'pop top' and really slow the drip...and it was a perfect green. I prepared a glass with my improvised tools I had found around the house. I could not resist taking a whiff of the bottle of Lucid after I opened it. The aroma was good...imparting an immediate medicinal quality. I also got some notes of licorice and other wonderful things. I love complex Belgian ales of the Trappist variety so my nose and palate was somewhat prepared for Absinthe. After a 5 minute Louche I was ready for my first sip. Mmmm! Good stuff was my first thought. Three glasses later ... and the color green was suddenly very important. I did not notice (before) how close the green of the sports bottle matched the color of the Absinthe. I also became much more appreciative of the fact that the facets on the glass provided an easy way to quantify the drinks I was preparing. I started to feel the effects at this point. I was certainly aware of the fact that I was drinking a beverage that was 62% ABV. The Belgian ales I favor are around 8-10% ABV. The curious thing is Absinthe is more like driving fast with the brakes on. It seems to afford a level of clarity that I don't experience with other drinks. I also notice an almost adoration of mediocrity - facets on glasses and the efficiency of forks vs. slotted spoons and such. My sincere appreciation to the Wormwood Society for enhancing my Absinthe experience.