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  1. I drink Lucid pretty regular since it's the only one available in stores nearby (north texas). I order other stuff from DUNY too. Since Lucid was only the second real absinthe I tried, my taste has changed a bit after trying some others, most recently the La Clandestine Blanche. I never take sugar with mine, most absinthes are plenty sweet for me. Lucid and Kübler being way on the sweet side. That said, Lucid and home made chocolate chip cookies are badass together.
  2. I've been sipping on my Obsello for a week or so now. I can taste the mint, but I don't necessarily think that's a turn-off. There is a powerful mish-mash of flavor in there that blew my brains out the first time I tasted it, but I've gotten used to that now and actually kind of like it. The louche is entertaining to watch too. Some may be turned off by the low alcohol, but I'm not. In fact, it gave me the opportunity to try something. Back in the days of the "ban" when I was making my own goofy wormwood liqueurs, i used to sometimes just drink them on ice in the summer. They didn't louche so there was no point in doing the whole ritual and with the Texas heat, something strong on ice always tastes good. Without the brutal 70% alcohol, I was able to drop the Obsello over some ice and sip it without my nose catching on fire. The louche activity with just the Absinthe reacting to the ice was actually pretty darn cool. Letting it sit for a few minutes and the sip it as I sat outside watching the weather was an enjoyable experience.
  3. I'm there dude! I just dropped my money too! Buahahaha!
  4. Haha! Looks like I'm not the only dead thread necromancer here! Someone else beat me to this one. I also get wacky dreams after drinking absinthe. I also was prescribed Ambien for insomnia. I do not reccommend the 2 together. You will drink half a bottle of absinthe, not remember doing it and your wife will find you standing in the front yard staring into space at 6 am with a glass in your hand. The not remembering drinking the absinthe is the worst part. I also like to reserve staring into space for when I'm at work.
  5. Yes sir, I do. Especially if you are they type to use a product in a way that was inconsistent with your physician's directions. (Of course I would never do a thing like that).
  6. Sorry, guys. You know I'm a freakin resurrectionist when it comes to posts. I'm just going to shut up now. The mead was really good though. Now back to the Czechsinth war
  7. I just bottled a batch of sweet mead! 5 gallons of goodness for myself and anyone lucky enough to stop over at the right time! It'll keep me busy while I wait for that Obsello (If anyone starts a mead thread, I'm on it!)
  8. Yeah, there only needs to be one thread about MM on this board. Sorry for the trouble. That 's wha n00bs do. Raise threads from the dead! It LIIIIVES!
  9. RRRRAAAAAHAHAHA! We all owe Iggy and Alice a raise of the glass! I'm still gonna get a bottle. I just think everytime someone does some cheesy marketing gimmick, it pounds another nail in the coffin. we already have a "crummy beer with billion dollar marketing" stigma in America, we don't need to start one with Absinthe after 100 freakin years. I'm glad some of you guys say it tastes good. Gives me hope.
  10. haha. They're pretty sub-terranean. Finsternis has a song called "the Journey" that was practically made for Absinthe drinking. Arcane Necrosis is some wiked ambient blackmetal. Therion's "vovin" album mixes metal, opera and classical instruments. really creative bunch of headbangers. Opeth is a jazz-influenced Death Metal band. Their "Morningrise" album is most familiar to Americans. They'll gave the guitars doing some classic metal stuff with the bass and drums doing some tasty stuff on the back.
  11. Once the Count Schlocula effect wears off, and it's more available in the U.S. I'll try it. Could be a darn good drink. I hope he took as much time with the taste as he did making it 66.6% alcohol.
  12. i'm starting to get that impression. Doggone it, that Green Fairy's got me!
  13. Here's the picture of that blasted invasive weed. It is in danger of being attacked from one side by a watermelon vine so at least it has competition. It does have offspring that have magically appeared elsewhere in the garden, but the Grim Reaper will come for them if they interfere with my other vegetables.