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  1. I don't think the Balance has a wine base, but I am pretty sure Brevans is.
  2. I would say go with the Brevans if you like wormwood up front. But I must say this, After opening you might want to drink it regularly until the bottle is finished. My bottle did not age well after opening. It developed a large amount of very strange sediment I have not seen before or since. I still drank it of course, but it kind of freaked me out. I enjoyed the flavor more than the Balance, but Balance seems to store forever after opening with no ill side effects. Or get them both and checkout the difference in flavor.
  3. My girlfriend just gave me a bottle of Vieux Carre as an early valentines gift. It is not even available in western Pa yet. She had one of the local Wines and Spirits order one from a store in eastern Pa. When I arrived home from work she had it in my cabinet in front of the other bottles with a red bow on top.
  4. This past summer I did what you might call a very improper "reverse louche" into half empty water bottles while attending some concerts. Louched up some VdF and Lucid watching The Dave Matthews Band. Then I had some Duplias verte and Lucid while watching Jack Johnson and Mason Jennings. Thats about the only places i've done it other than my house. By the way, at home it is served more traditionally
  5. I am still eagerly awaiting the arrival of bottles anywhere in the Pittsburgh area.
  6. I also picked up one of these gift packs. I thought it was quite funny to see this in a gas station in West Virginia so I had to grab one.
  7. I can't wait to try this one. Hopefully it will be better than Lucid, which is the only verte available at the state store. It is marked as a regular purchase item at the plcb website, so it should be widely available in Pa.
  8. I've had my first two glasses of La Muse tonight and sipping my last few drops of Duplias listening to My Morning Jacket.
  9. I noticed the same thing but it still smells and tastes great.
  10. At this point I have or have had bottles of verte suisse, PF1901, Obsello, Duplias balance, Doubs Mystique, VdF, Duplias verte, Brevans, Kübler, St. George, and Lucid. I also have CLB and La Muse on the way. I must say that for some reason Verte Suisse might be my favorite so far.
  11. Just wanted to say hello to everyone and express how wonderful it is to have a site like this out there. I have been lurking around here for a couple months and have learned alot. Thank god I found this place before I wasted any hard earned $ on poor quality products that are all over the internet. The reviews section is a great place for helping us newbies find out which brands to try. I have had about 11 different absinthes at this point and have 2 more on the way. So again, hello and thanks everyone for sharing your ideas and knowledge.