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  1. Well I think I did that wrong, sorry. (the quote thing, I mean). If any body has any ideas or tips for contacting the distributor or manufacture of the glasses let me know please. The more i use the absinthe glasses the more i want a set of flutes, they are SOOOO nice!!
  2. Much Thanks To Hiram!! I got my glasses the other day and though a bit taller then the ones from ALANDIA they are just beautiful!! Surely the company who makes them makes makes other styles as well, I would love to have Champagne flutes. How does one contact them to see the rest of the line?
  3. So what would be a source for Artisinal Absinthe? And what are your brand preferances with in each catagory of your Hierarchy
  4. Graham

    Newbie Question

    Thanks, I'll do just that in the next few days
  5. Are we allowed to offer items for sale in the Forum? I just received an English-made-for-the-French-market 19th or early 20th cent stoneware carbon water filter, possibly an absinthe fountain It seems intact and in good shape. It's a bit bigger then I expected, I sort of bought it on a whim and would like to get my money out of it. ($250.00 plus shipping)
  6. Last night I opened the 'Partisane' the fourth of the first five bottles of Absinthe I bought. I still prefer the 'Kübler 53' and the 'François Guy' though I like 'Partisane' more then 'La Fee Parisian'. I still have 'Un Emile' to check out. What are the distillers using for their alcohol base these days? I've been doing some reading and apparently before the philoxera infestation a wine based alcohol was used, and then a switch was made by at least some makers to 'industrial alcohol'. I assume that was a continuous still distillation of almost anything that would ferment. What is used today?
  7. I have porcelain saucer about 5 1/8" in diam. (13 cm) marked on the back "Le Faune" L. Lourioux made in France. On the front it is decorated in green and black and says - Au Dragon Vert 0.f50. Would Au Dragon Vert be a cafe name, the name of a cocktail, or an absinthe distiller? It all may just be pretend as the 'Made in France' mark would indicate that it ws made for the export market. I've googled on Au Dragon Vert with no luck
  8. LaFeeAbsinthe.com claims they have a new sterling spoon, made in the UK I think. No pictures yet. I got a free spoon with my order from Alandia of Partisane '04 - free spoon = tres fromage. I collect antique silver so I'm kind of picky. Having spoons made up in sterling or silver plate wouldn't be that difficult, and some of the old spoons would be nice in a better wt. and material. The stuff with the devil's head and saytr mask really doesn't appeal to me though I admire the work.
  9. Well I tried La Fee last night after dinner last night, It certainly is green! The night before I tried the Un Emile (I lost my maiden head, such as it was, to Un Emile!) and the Kübler, I liked both of those. La Fee had a bitter sweet candy like quality at the back of the throat. While not unpleasant, I prefer Un Emile and Kübler.
  10. Thanks to Auguru for your excellent suggestions. The Un Emile was fine and delicate and the Kübler more bold. Yes I had two and some Pouilly - Fuisse with my salmon and I'm still standing
  11. Which one should I try first? I have the cheap date alcohol gene not the hollow leg gene so one is it for tonight, most any night. Should it be Un Emile 45, François Guy, Partisane '04, Kübler 53, or La Fee Parisian? Well maybe I could have a little bit more then one.
  12. Please put me down for two. Thanks for your help and let me know how you want them paid for
  13. Newbie here with the first box of elixir and two freshly washed as yet unused Pontarlier glasses. I've been lurking and reading some of the Wormwood Society post with interest also with uncertain and trepidation as I placed my first order with Alandia before I found you and I haven't seen much nice about them in the posts. My order arrived in good shape and on time; Un Emile 45, Francios Guy, Partisane '04, Kuber 53 and La Fee Parisian. I wanted mostly smaller half bottles as I have never had absinthe before and they had several available. I must say that I was sweating though as I had never done business with them or anybody in the world of the green faerie. Do you still have the deal on hand blown Pontarlier glasses? they really are lovely.