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  1. I'm going to the one in Dallas. I'm not paying, they are comping me since I wrote an article that had the dates of their events in it.
  2. She does. Sorry to jack your thread OP.
  3. You have a problem with homicidal maniac toddlers? She will not be trick or treating with the make-up on. I just couldn't resist. Here is the before: and after:
  4. "Absinthe and abominable snowmen." I could start a book with those four words.
  5. You have officially scared the crap out of me. I think I need a drink.
  6. The only thing I took slight offense to was you implying I was limited in who I can speak to. I am not the best writer and I am not an expert. I never try to make myself out to be more than I am, and I am always open to discuss what is in my articles. That's what you need to know about me. Although I admit I'm not overly excited about responding to some of the comments left today.
  7. I came to this board to learn. I am an admitted novice. I even came here for help with my questions. I chose not have the same absinthe article ever other Joe Schmo writes (no green fairy mentions or even wormwood) Of the questions suggested, I chose the ones that were not overly technical and that seemed interesting to an audience with differing knowledge on the subject. I did the article with Ted because I was offered it. I plan of writing more about absinthe in the future and am ALWAYS open to different opinions. Personally, I'd love to follow you as you work to release your gin. I know that's not an easy thing to do (I have an interest in a small start up winery in CA) and I think it would make a great story.
  8. I can write about and interview anyone I want. If you'd like to chat sometime, I am open to it.
  9. I wanted to thank everyone who helped with questions for my interview with Ted Breaux. I am very grateful. I can't get the insert link to work, so.... http://www.examiner.com/x-387-Cocktails-Ex...aster-Distiller Hiram was right, Ted is amazing. -Kelly
  10. Thanks for the replys and emails. Some of your questions seem a little technical. I admit I'm writing as an absinthe novice for mostly a novice audience. I want questions that aren't the standard questions always asked, but I do need questions that will get answers most non absinthe educated people will understand. I really want dispel myths and hopefully inspire a few to try something new. I have great readers and I do not want to imply that they are not intelligent, but can we possibly dumb down the questions so a layman can understand them?
  11. Mitsu Evo. I don't know jack about the cars, but their OT is a great place to BS about anything.
  12. Thanks. I figured he was probably on here and I think he is on a car site I go to. Strange I know. I want to ask him 3-4 good non mainstream questions and one totally off the wall one. I'm open to more suggestions.
  13. I need your help. As some of you know I write a drinking column for Examiner.com. I love absinthe, but I freely admit I am a novice and that's why I am so happy to have you guys and gals as a resource. I've been offered an interview with the master distiller at Lucid and I need help with questions. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Kelly