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  1. Friends don't let friends drink burnt absinthe.
  2. What's better than a liquid coming out of an animal's mouth? That looks Mmm good. Luscious Oily Lesbians! But really, awesome pieces.
  3. It is depressing that I could not speak to my grandparents as they gotten older. Once they hit late 60s they could no longer speak English. They both reverted to their native tongue of Cajun French. Most of their sons couldn’t even speak to them. During my grandparents’ school years if you spoke French at school you were physically punished. My grandparents were taught to believe that Cajun French was a mongrel language, one that shouldn’t be passed down. This is one reason in most places the Cajun culture is a vanishing culture. Once you lose your language you lose you identify. The American school system tried to fix the problem by teaching French in the schools, but it was Modern French. Not the local subgroup of Acadian French that took years to cultivate.
  4. Boudin, nothing better than pork, pork fat and rice shoved into pork intestines. I love being a Cajun. Don't forget about our cracklins. My door is always open to any wormwood member willing to come out to the swamps.
  5. It is nice to see a fellow cajun on this site. I am semi-near Lafayette. If you would like a few brands you cannot get here drop me a line. You know us drunks don't like to drink alone. I have a bottle of Eichelberger I have been dieing to open for a special occasion. Another day six feet above is always special.
  6. The news kept telling the world that south Louisiana had to brace for Armageddon. Some channels even had count downs to our total annihilation. The days they were predicting kept being pushed back, back, and etc. (You get the gist.) Our water levels in Morgan City were only raised by about 10 feet. The seawall can handle a lot more than that. People in the St. Mary parish area were taking trips to see the high water at the seawall. All were disappointed due to the lack of excitement. From what the crawfishermen tell me the extra water we accumulated from the flood added more nutrients to the water. The up coming crawfish season will be a thing of beauty. If anyone from the chat room is planning pass through my area drop me a message. I can treat you with some southern hospitality. Maybe some gumbo but the absinthe is a given.
  7. Morgan City doesn't have much of anything. Our Rouses has a great wine selection but alas, I find wine disgusting. I wish I enjoyed it due to the various types. I tend to order my absinthe from http://www.rueverte.com/. How do you two know about the little blip of Morgan City?
  8. I know a moderate amount of absinthe cures my stuttering.
  9. MMMmmmmm Obsello delicious and well priced. Trust me just do what these guys say. It will save your pocketbook and taste buds a lot of heart break.
  10. I will cut to the chase ABSINTHE NEUZELLER Calendula good or bad?
  11. La Divia (small gelato shop) in New Orleans sells Absinthe gelatos. This place is near the Monteleone. It was refreshing on a hot day. <h3 class="r"> </h3>
  12. Thank you. I think I will take you advice about making it into a poster.
  13. Ya, I would do that but that would take willpower.
  14. The house I am buying is in Franklin. Man, sometimes I think the world is too small.