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  1. My experience has been that if you don't but at least the XO of any brand its not drinkable. Hennessey XO is really good but costs over $100. I'm still partial to Pierre Ferrand and you can purchase a good bottle for about $80.
  2. My pleasure OMG. Tonight on the way home i stopped and bought a bottle of Pierre Ferrand Reserves Des Dieux. It cost about $60.00 and is fantastic. I said in a previous post that to me the $60. to $100. range stuff is better then the $1000. plus bottles such as Louis the 13th. Have a good night all I'm going back to my Cognac
  3. ok maybe, but if he ever comes to Boston I'll buy him a Dancing Goat
  4. It's getting to be a full time job isn't it shabba. thanks
  5. Eric, I did try the Ambre before and found it very enjoyable and would recommend it. OMG_Bill here's one for you to try. Its Casterede Bas Armagnac and you can get a good XO for about $90.00 US. I think, from my research, that you always want to get the Bas Armangac. I think Bas refers to the region.
  6. I tried a new coffee today, well new to me, called Dancing Goat. It was excellent. very mellow. If anyone is interested the web site is the same name. The company is called Batdorf & Bronson. They have other interesting coffees available. Sorry guys, after i posted this i realized i created a new topic instead of adding to the existing coffee one. I tried to remove it but couldn't. Dont hate me
  7. Allow me to try again and maybe I'll get it right. I thought he meant I was supposed to hit the button. It doesn't help that I'm at work and keep getting interruptions, how dare they expect me to concentrate on my job. I'll keep checking for the cognac posts also and thanks for checking for me shabba. I'll get the hang of this sooner or later
  8. ok,you folks are just to confusing. I did the reply thing before and someone told me not to add the previous message in my post ? Maybe its me being illiterate. I also asked for advice on armagnac and never got any feedback, just the regulars joking around. I've been trying to comply with the rules here but on the few posts I've done all I've gotten is criticism.
  9. Having been properly chastised I sit in the corner wearing my dunce cap. I'll be more concientous in the future.
  10. can't you sneak a flask into the teachers lounge? Absinthe smells like licorice a little so u could get away with it
  11. We had the douwe egberts at my hotel. It was in liquid form. I never have tried it myself bt ppl seem to enjoy it.
  12. yeah after i asked i looked it up, which i should have done 1st. but thanks