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  1. For what it's worth, I personally would like to see a vendor ads page. I think it should be a seperate page that I can navigate to, I hate sites that have flashing ads all over the place. And the vendors should be vetted by the board. It would help support the WS and it's short and long term goals. I worked for a non-profit just out of high school. We spent half our time working with various companies trying to scrape up donations and such to keep the thing afloat. I wish I had the resources to be able to regularly subscribe to WS, but times is tight. Also my (and I doubt I'm the only on) local available absinthe selection is for shit and I would like to have a reputable place to go look at choice vendors. I can only afford to buy a bottle here and there, like for my birthday and such, so it's crucial I make a smart purchase. My 2 cents. Mahalo.
  2. I feel a need to add my opinion to this as someone who greatly appreciates the WS, the reviews and the time people take to write them. As I still feel relatively new to absinthe and to this forum I have not yet posted a review. I have only tasted 5 brands, Lucid, Kübler, Marteau AdlBE, VP and (unfortunately) LTV. I feel I am only starting to understand the profiles that are found in a truly good product. I have always really appreciated the "Editor Review" as I see it as being based on knowledge and experience that I don't come close to having. That said, I have been participating in this forum for about a year and half now and I do know now that if I see a review from a member like Peridot I will take it seriously since I have come to know the WS membership a bit. But for someone brand new to the site and looking for quality info I think the "Editor Review" provides a good starting point. The membership reviews will almost always have a slight bias based on one's personal taste preferences. For example, I might review VP slightly better than Marteau AdlBE because IMO the Marteau AdlBE is more subtle while the VP has a bit more bite. And I like that, I like my scotch straight on the rocks. I like to taste that bite, but someone else may feel the exact opposite and flip the ratings. That is why I like the idea of the "Editor Review" as I see it as based on knowledge and experience and (hopefully) void of that sort of bias. I also agree with Hiram that the "Color" category should be changed to "Appearance". If a Blanche is beautifully clear as it should be defined there is no reason it shouldn't get a 5 just because it is a Blanche. All of these opinions are just that, my opinions. I mean no disresoect to anyone who may disagree. Mahalo.
  3. I just saw this thread today. Wow, really great write up DP. Now I am going to have to hit up Astor for a shipment.
  4. Haven't tried Pacifique yet, it's on the list along with many more like MOL. It's tough to get many absinthe brands in Texas. The local liquor stores only carry Lucid and Kübler along with the swill like LTV and DUNY won't ship to Texas. But I am slowly but surely finding my way. Happy Holidays!
  5. Santa brought me a bottle of VP for Christmas. I must say it might be my new favorite (with the understanding there are many I have yet to try). I thought it had a great flavor, a nice mouthfeel and just enough bite. Really a good absinthe. Color me impressed.