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  1. Right, because Martin was such an accomplished absinthe distiller before I started collaborating with him in 2009. How many people were raving about his absinthe in 2009? His St. Antoine III in 2009 still had a lot of star anise in it, which I advised him to get rid of. He is a very good distiller and knows a lot more than I do when it comes to his traditional products, but I came into the collaboration with the knowledge about distilling absinthe. Which is why HE approached me in 2009 because he was interested in my expertise and skills regarding absinthe. The fact that his absinthes improved AFTER the beginning of our collaboration is pretty solid proof of who learnt from whom in terms of absinthe distillation. And just to be clear, of course I was frustrated when Martin released an absinthe with almost the same name, the same base, maybe even the same distilling protocol (seeing how people commented on how similar it was), as my L’Ancienne right after I decided to suspend the production. Who wouldn’t be? I believe that the whole thing could have been handled in a better, more respectful way, but this has no effect on my opinion on the excellent quality of Martin’s current absinthes. If anything, it proves that he put what he learnt from me to good use. So I have no absolutely no problem with people liking Martin’s absinthes, and I also have no problem with people not liking my work, if that’s how they feel. However, I do have a problem with false statements about the nature of our collaboration and my part in it. Also, dear Greytail, this little jab you are trying to throw at me hoping to upset me, it’s quite ridiculous. You went from being the staunchest L’Ancienne fan and in biggest fan of my work to now spontaneously coming up with this insinuations, just because we had a fallout in the past month. Don’t you realize how phony that makes you look? I’m sure people here remember your posts over the years. I don’t get why you are so butthurt over ending our friendship. I keep telling you I have no ill feelings towards you and no grudge, but you are acting like a teenage girl who got dumped for the first time. I already had to block your number and your email, please don’t turn this public forum into an outlet for your personal vendetta against me, it’s not fair to the absinthe community. Stop trying to provoke me and just get over it, man. And before you claim that you just changed your mind about my work and that your post is not personal, think about the timing of your post right after the nasty emails you sent me, which I still have. So, do yourself a favor, and don’t.
  2. I feel like there is a little bit of confusion so I’d like to rectify a few things: I have not abandoned the commercial production of absinthe for good. I’m on a hiatus and if things line up in the future, I hope I will be able to resume the production of my recipes (L’Ancienne and La Grenouille) with another distillery. I love distilling absinthe more than anything! No, I’m not involved in any way with this absinthe. I'm no longer working with Martin and I wish him the best with his future endeavors. I can understand why the name would lead people to think there is a connection, but, as Martin explained, it seems to be a coincidence. I have not tasted it but there shouldn’t be too many similarities. However, you know what they say: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… I’m not on the forums much lately, but if you have any questions feel free to message me.
  3. Along with L'Ancienne I also decided to suspend indefinitely the production of La Grenouille. Once whatever is already bottled and available is over there will be no more. I posted this on the Grenouille FB page but it's mysteriously down, so I'm posting it here too. Again, thank you all for the support!
  4. Thank you guys, I really really appreciate it!
  5. It's with a heavy heart that I've decided to suspend the production of L'Ancienne indefinitely. There are several factors that contributed to this decision. I prefer not to discuss them publicly, but just know that I did my best to keep the L'Ancienne project going for as long as I could without betraying my ideals. I want to thank all of you who supported me and appreciated my work, I could have not made it without you!
  6. The problem, my friend, is that as long as the consumers will not speak up when they realize they've been ripped off, having being sold a substandard absinthe, the distillers will not increase quality control. Quite the opposite in fact. The message that the market is sending to the distillers is: "as long as you don't fuck it up too much, no one will notice. If you do really fuck it up, sell it anyway cause people don't really care". I'll tell you what the solution is, and it's exactly the same you would adopt if you got ripped off with a defective product worth several hinders of dollars: write to the distillery and complain about it. Then write to whoever sold you the bottles and demand a refund because you were sold a defective product. And most importantly, WRITE A REVIEW on the vendor website and copy and paste it wherever you can. I just checked now and with all the bottles of in drinkable Roquette that have been sold, do you guys know how many 1 star reviews it has on the page of the main distributor? 3! Just 3 bad reviews! Which is why the Roquette still has a 4.5/5 stars rating! If anyone bought a $70 bottle of wine that turned out to be undrinkable, they would complain to the store, to the winery, and if those didn't make it right, they would never buy from the same winery again. Why people don't expect from absinthe makers the same honesty they expect from any other kind of expensive non-mass produced product is beyond me, but I know for damn sure that as long as this is the general attitude, things will just keep getting worse.
  7. The worst thing is not even that. There are always gonna be people who try to make a quick buck. What boils my blood is that there will be absinthe drinkers, maybe even members of this forum, who will buy that crap because "I know it's not a properly made absinthe but I'm curious/the distillery is next door/whatever pathetic excuse" and then post that it's "not traditional absinthe but it's good in its own way" and they are "curious to see the next batches". Which means even if they wasted their money on falsely labeled garbage they might buy it again, especially if the distiller "told me the next batch is gonna be improved". I've read this thing so many times now I lost count. The real problem with the absinthe world is not the scum distillers (even though we got plenty of those too and that doesn't help), it's the customers. People are ok with getting ripped off. They are ok with poorly made or flawed absinthes. With unaged absinthes. They are ok with non-absinthes. With very few exceptions a lot of people are just ok with whatever they are sold as long as they can always try the new fucking thing. It might not be pleasant to hear but it's the truth. The consumers (and lack thereof) drive this (and many others) market, not the producers.
  8. Is this the movie that has been in the works since 2007 or 2008?
  9. Yes I do use oak aging for L'Ancienne, always have, since some pre-bans (most notably Edouard Pernod) were aged in oak and had a noticeable oak flavor note, it was part of making it pre-ban-like.
  10. I don't understand why I don't see an option to edit my post, so I apologize for the double post. Here is a pic
  11. I'm selling a bottle of the APM prototype that was tasted by several people around a year ago. The content is around 700ml (but it's in a 750ml bottle so it's below the neck, empty space has been filled with wine saver gas) and the price is $30 plus shipping.
  12. So it's been a little more than a year from this experiment, I abandoned this project a few months after. Now I'm moving and have been cleaning up my cabinet, and found one last bottle of this absinthe. If anybody is interested I'll post it for sale on the market section.
  13. I haven't decided yet if I'm gonna make a 2015 batch, but I'll make sure to update you guys when I do.