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  1. Homebrew beer. Kristallweizen. Nothing like a crystal clear "Hefeweizen light".
  2. Im running out of alcohol. Drinking last of absinthe on hand (1 glass). 2oz of vodka to go, and my house is dry! Other than the fermenting beer in the other room. But cant drink that yet! A good week at work, looks like I will be going to store come pay day! I am nursing a bottle of Kübler, so I lied, but I am not touching that until I get more absinthe.
  3. Drank some gut rot beer, as always. Sampled my new batch of homebrew, its been a while, the apa tastes young as it should, its in the secondary fermenter right now. I cant wait till about a month from now when it is REAL good. I think I will have a drink of Clandestine before I go to sleep.
  4. I dunno, the other night after having 3 drinks before bed, I sleptwalked to the bathroom, were I retired, until my wife woke me up on the john at 2am. Honestly, I walked to the bathroom, and sat on the throne, and went back to sleep. It was very strange indeed. I was still sitting upright so it must not have been that bad. My wife found it rather odd too. But I have a history of sleep walking, and sleep talking, even when no alcohol is involved. It may just be another few and far between episode of that.
  5. Started with a Ayeinger Hefe-Weizen. Then 2 gut rot high gravity beers. Im warmed up for some unknown verte, and blanche. Then off to bed, got to get up early for a long day of homebrewing my pale ale all grain beer. My friend and I are going to try to crank out 2 all grain batches tomarow, 1 of Pale ale, and 1 of Oatmeal Stout. Should be good time.
  6. Ipa's rule too. Just dont try to polish the whole sixer. I guess its kinda mediocore, its like 6.? alcohol per beer. Redhook ipa's are good, but a little thick, I feel like I ate a steak dinner.
  7. Just got home, had 2 24 oz gutrot highgravitys, after work. Went to a friends house, and had small party of local friends, that go way back. Had 5 Redhook ipa's. Had mabey one busch light I think, in the middle somewhere. Feeling very beer drunk, didnt do any driving tho, I live in a town you can walk across in 10 minutes. Just hope tomarow is my day to sleep in Its always good to see old friends 10 years plus.
  8. I'm sure there is some interest around here. There is one other member from Nebraska that notified me, but I havn't been in touch with him. All they sell around here is Lucid. In EVERY Liquor store. There is one in town that sells Kübler and Grand Absente too. But there is no variety here, mail order if you want something, well exotic for these parts. Im sure in the future the stacks of lucid, will be gone, and a small variety will be in each liquor store. Thats my hope anyway.
  9. Ya I posted on there. I would love to be recipient, but I don't think anyone wants to blind taste Lucid or Kübler as that is all I have to offer. Not much Lucid either, I am nursing the last 1/4 bottle. Just got the Kübler and only had 2 drinks out of it so far. Economy seems to be turning around in my business (auto repair) so hopefully I will be making money like I was last year soon. It was gangbusters last year. Since the gas went down 60 cents or so, more cars have been coming in. I cant afford the the bottles from Euroland right now after the 3 month dry spell, so I just have the stuff everyone here in US has. Sorry for so many edits in my posts. Im a (l.o.l.) typer, but it always says Luscious Oily Lesbians!
  10. Don't get me wrong. I have not tried La Muse, just posting why I did not. I love this site for the knowledge its bestowed on me. My first two brands of absinthe, Lucid, and Kübler, I am very pleased with the product. I have got my moneys worth, especially with the Kübler. I am trying to be very patient, and more efficient at work, so I can save up and buy some of the other premium products that will be coming soon. Like I said, ive only bought US available so far. Mabey come november and with the increase of dollar lately (hope it keeps up), might get some of the good stuff. Just wish I knew someone locally that I could try some different stuff. Too bad so sad I guess. I just hope im not coming off as negative. As I am not trying to be.
  11. T someday I hope to have tried the variety of absinthe you have. My hats off to you. I would love to try a glass, just cant put up the coin for the bottle when I know I can get better as far as I know for the same or less amount of money ie Kübler. I rely on the reviews and posts on this forum and the other, to decide what to spend my money on.
  12. On the La fee verte site. Its classified as a mix/maceration. Most of the good absinthe is listed as distilled. That's my source http://www.feeverte.net/guide/country/fran..._muse_verte_68/ I read on another site that it just got a new label for US release but was the same.
  13. DrunkupNY is just the dealer. They don't make the stuff. Its cool if there refunding you money for bad product. I personally passed on the product, do to fact its not made to traditional methods ie distillation. In my mind I put it in the same catagory as the La Fee they sell just not artificially colored. Not having drank either, nor want too. Im going to buy some Kübler from them, havnt decided what else to buy to make it 100 bucks yet. Not really interested in St. George, La Fee, Grande Abesente, etc. Obsello has a possiblity but the 50% If im dropping 100 bucks, im not buying 2 50% absinthes. Just waiting, and SLOWLY savering the absinthe I have now until better is available. Wont have to settle on a La Muse Verte, with is a mix maceration. I take that back, St. George seems interesting, but is expensive, and gets mixed reviews, waiting for the manjuice, martau, and Jade products. Quick edit- Seems when it comes to absinthe YOU DONT ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.
  14. Got to stomach the rest of the quart of mikes hard lemonade the wife couldnt drink. She claimed stomach ache. This stuff tastes like water after 5 vodka martinis. I just cant stand alcohol abuse, rather than sink it, might as well gut it. Probably be making some lucids soon. My palate has been destroyed im sure. But my palate is young, and the absinthe will taste all the better after Mikes swill lemonade. Looking foward to tomarow, after the photo shoot (home photo party bs to make someone else money), will be drinking the best homebrew my best friend and I created (Basement Brewery) porter, out of the keg. We are rookies tho, but its damn fine porter, no ageing yet, its our first all grain, first kegged, and first force carbinated. It is by far better than the 10 or so extract beers we made and bottled before it.
  15. No Vodka martini. 2oz vodka, 2oz Dry Vermouth, shake with ice, add green olive to drink after shaking. Kangaroo looks a little weak.