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  1. I have to admit I've missed this place. Zuckerberg's monster has helped me stay in touch with a few people from here, and Gwydion accidentally stumbled in to my bar one night, which was fun, but I miss the focused absinthe discussions. And I even missed Absomphe.
  2. What a nice surprise!Just signed on for the first time since the great flood to see what I could learn after seeing a photo of this package design, and found this generous reference to my labels from no less a personage than Artemis his own self! Makes me feel all homesick.
  3. I'm not even sick! (well, of course I'm sick, but that's never been a problem) I've just been missing the Helfrich, and I was wondering if the Akveld had recaptured any of the magic...
  4. Been wondering about this absinthe for awhile. No formal reviews posted yet. Anybody? Bueller?
  5. Yep, adding gum arabic to any sugar syrups ( grenadine, demerara, etc.) is the way to go to prevent crystallization. The stuff isn't easy to find just everywhere, but it's worth it. And the improved mouth feel is noticeable.
  6. I'm getting to this thread a little late, but it makes me think of when I played with the placebo effect and a couple of underage girls. Okay, now that that's had a moment to horrify everyone... I was on vacation with my family in Florida a few years back, and my little sister, who was 16 at the time had brought her BFF along with her on vacation. All parental figures had gone to bed, and I stayed up late, along with my sister and her friend. They started asking me to let them drink a little, thinking I would be the "cool" older brother who let them get away with a little rebellion. I made them virgin Mudslides, and told them there was rum in them. Sure enough, they started getting drunk. After a few, each of them was hammered, and I had to "cut them off". The next morning, they were even acting hung over. I finally told them around dinnertime, because I didn't want them thinking that they'd really been able to casually handle four drinks a piece. At the time, they felt a little "toyed with" over it, but deep down I think my sister realized I'd been watching out for her.
  7. I can't get any love from the public cola registry search. Link to that image?
  8. I'm out, y'all. I took the pills about twenty minutes ago. Why? Hello Kitty Wines
  9. Some girls I was out with last week dragged me into some sports/frat/shots bar for a last drink of the night. I knew better than to try ordering a real drink, but I saw muddlers behind the bar, so I asked for a Mojito, since I figured that would be familiar to whoever was behind the bar. The bartender says "Okay if I use LeBlon?" "Ummm, well it ain't rum, but what the hell.." Then she says "And I don't have any mint, so it'll just be lime." "Umm, okay, so it's going to be a Caipirinha, that's fine." "A what?" "A Caipirinha. It's like a Mojito, but made with cachaça and no mint." "Oh, aren't we clever? You want the drink or not?" I wanted to tell her exactly what she could do with her Caipirinha and her lousy attitude, but I was with friends, so I just said "No, thanks" and let her get on with the important business of pouring more Jäger shots...
  10. Grenadine is pomegranate syrup. That's probably why Sardonix thought you'd like it. The problem is that it can be really hard to find real grenadine made with real pomegranate juice. Most of us who really like the stuff just make our own, which is very, very easy if you have pomegranate juice.
  11. Buying good shelving units for this purpose can be harder than you expect sometimes because your shelves should offer about 14 inches of clearance, way more than any normal bookshelves. Yes, most bookcases are built with adjustable-height shelf-hangars, but the number of taller shelves rarely divides nicely into the amount of space in a bookcase built for books and nick-knacks. I've wound up building cheap, nondescript shelving in a closet in the back of my house, where it's dark and cool. I can leave some attractive or collectible bottles out on display, and then leave bulk or especially sensitive bottles in out-of the-way storage.
  12. Not if it doesn't sell.Thirty-six dollars is still an expensive bottle of booze compared to other spirits on the shelves, and if first-timers decide to blow that kind of money on a mystery drink and the experience is underwhelming, little ground is won. I remember saying here once, in the context of a discussion about proposed labeling language, that no distillery would ever put the word "ordinary" on their label, and so any attempt to legislate such a thing was pointless. Obviously I've been proven wrong. Spectacularly. It would have been cooler if the name was both historic and ironic, for a product with a room-filling aroma and a powerful, charismatic flavor profile that stayed with you for days. Instead, alas, it sounds more like truth in advertising.
  13. I'd consider it more a grille than a spoon, in which case it isn't really expected to do any stirring. It's a pretty design, and obviously an original re-thinking of the grille/spoon concept. I'm always happy to see new interpretations. What's funny to me is that in contrast to the clean, measured curves and precise detailing of the cast parts of the piece, the holes in the bottom of the drainage cup looked like they were poked into the metal with a pushpin while the artist was in the back seat of a Jeep.
  14. What other solid silver pieces have you seen? I've seen several reproduction pieces done in silver plate. These are original hand-cast works of art made by an absintheur, not commissioned by a marketing team. They're expensive, but for what they are, certainly not "horribly overpriced". Anyone who thinks they are should look into artist-crafted pieces out in the real world.
  15. I think you meant to say: "Nathan makes an industry of his reputation as the "boy of bad absinthe".
  16. I think the old style Eich label looks more home-made than amateurish. Like something handed to you by a distiller friend instead of something bought online. The new ones look nice too, though.
  17. Maybe this has already been posted elsewhere, but... Check out on YouTube, a super low-rent hip-hop video made entirely from imagery stolen from the WS website! Maybe you'll see your own avatar, like pt447's, or one of the pictures you submitted for the WS calendar project, like my uranium glass picture, which dominates the comments section because everybody thinks my glowing uranium glass is actually the absinthe itself glowing green. There is at least one painting by one of our members, and tons of pictures stolen from vendor sites, as well. The song is memorable for it's claim that "you don't throw up, don't throw up, don't throw up. Drinkin' on dat absinthe makes you don't throw up, don't throw up..."
  18. From the name, I would have expected this absinthe to have some mint flavor in the profile. "Un Perroquet" is a pastis drink with mint syrup, which gives it a little green tint.
  19. Blanchette Doubs Mystique Vieux Pontarlier My screen makes it look as though you've included "Serpis 65" in your top three. I'm on Firefox, and I've seen it do strange things, like like render a screen with edit buttons out of place, etc. But this is weird because the rest of the page looks normal.
  20. I've been very interested in finding real news about that. Initially, I heard from people who seemed like they should know that the whole distillery was leveled, and within days I was told by distributors that it was basically untouched. So that's a pretty broad range. You're there, and they received substantial damage, but they're operating? Plans to repair/rebuild? Are you covering it in Mutineer?
  21. But then, nobody alive has had the Robette, so I'll give her a pass. My first clue that eGullet wasn't going to be my new home on the interwebs was when I came across a whole thread devoted to the assertion, made by the reigning "absinthe expert" over there, that the cloudy shapes in the Robette artwork were "obviously" intended to represent puffs of opium smoke, a cheap attempt on the part of the distiller, back in 1900, to associate absinthe with that drug. His further point was then that any reference to the Robette artwork made by current marketing was also an attempt to tie absinthe to opium, and not merely a nod to historical absinthe imagery. The entire forum absolutely agreed with this assclown because, after all, he's their "absinthe expert".
  22. Here here. I have a lot of the same issues with smoking bans that I had with helmet laws, and some loopholes need to be built back into the system to allow people to smoke in some obvious places by mutual agreement, but by and large my life has gotten better since the likelihood of being stuck in a smoke-filled room has become a thing of the past. The dangers of second-hand smoke from one nearby smoker in a bus terminal may be arguable, but I remember being trapped in meeting rooms with fifteen chain smokers and not being able to breath anything but pure smoke. I didn't need science to tell me that wasn't good for me, or that my personal freedom to breathe was being infringed upon. If nothing else, the bans have made it the new etiquette to step outside if you want to smoke. Given that basic social change, laws might have been considered unnecessary within a few years anyway.