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  1. I'm listening to Lady Xanax by Duran Duran and drinking this Grande Absente stuff my husband brought home as a present. Him: "Hey! I brought you home something!". Me: "Thanks! (veiled concern)...great! So thoughtful!" As soon as I left the room, I consulted Wormwood Society. Not too promising! But to me, the flavour is not offensive, but it is minty, anisey, weak, sweet and one dimensional. Like tea steeped too shortly. Sort of like an Absinthe Koolaid drink mix.
  2. My last drink of my old Lucid bottle was the colour of cloudy extra virgin olive oil. The glass immediately previous to it was clear. I didn't know you had to shake it first!
  3. Martin, what Absomphe said, in a nutshell.
  4. Hi, nice to meet you, Yes, Lucid is definitely worth the purchase. Like any beverage, there are so many different flavours out there to try and base your opinion on. Some you may like, some you may not. My best advice to you is to read every absinthe review, and do searches on your concerns here on the forum. It's been invaluable to me. I'll tell you what someone told me. Welcome to a very rewarding but purse-draining hobby! Cheers!
  5. Okay...Nymphadora! You can come pickle him now!
  6. Whoops. Too much info. Sorry about that. No, no Leopold! I don't mean you frightened me away. I got a little too excited! I mean that if that burnt taste could be put in a spray bottle, you could get rid of me very fast, it's that heinous! Thank you for giving me your input, I'm actually honoured that you responded. Thanks everyone. It's just weird that 2 drinks that go by the same name can be so different. And of course Willy Wonka's quoting Wilde. Where else but here!
  7. You may as well spray me with bug spray. Okay, I'm gone, repelled! As in so vile, can I wipe my tongue with something! Thank you Buddha and OMG, I won't give up the fight.
  8. jcbphd, just jcbphd. That's that's all I needed to hear. I'm not nuts. Done and dusted!
  9. Shabba, yeah, that's what I meant, smelling kit things. Who is Markus? Well, it's okay, I'll do a search for him later. I'm a newb here, but not to Paypal at all. If someone wants to sell me a glass-sized sample of something, I'd be glad to pay. You know, I got very mad when I heard that Madonna served some sub par absinthe at some sort of party, and those stupid Hollywood people, swigging questionable absinthe like they are cool or something? Trend whores! What's wrong with these people! Can't they read? They're perpetuating myths and mistruths! re: trend whores. sorry, absinth burners!. don't use my post out of context on some other forum. I'm not an absinthe thug!
  10. It's just a bit disconcerting, considering the one that's in at least the top 3 of everyone's top ten list is caramel tasting, I just get the feeling I"m not supposed to be here, maybe.
  11. I knew it!. We were both right! It's after he drinks from the twin boys, he knows something is wrong, and staggers. Then he says, "Absinthe, you gave them absinthe?", then he goes , "Ack!, argh! Put me in my coffin!". Stupid brat prince! From the script: INT. DINING ROOM - NIGHT Two beautiful youths, lying asleep on a couch, by a table full with a half-eaten meal. Lestat sighs. LESTAT Oh, Claudia, you've outdone yourself. Where did you find them? CLAUDIA Drunk on brandy wine. A thimbleful. I thought of you when I saw them. LESTAT We forgive each other then? Claudia stares at him, sitting. She nods. Lestat bites into the neck of one of the youths, sucks greedily and horribly. Claudia watches him without expression. He finished one, is about to take the other when he staggers. He looks at Claudia. LESTAT Absinthe? You gave them absinthe? CLAUDIA No. Laudanum. They are also drinking absinthe in the bar Louis goes to after his house burns down. I forgot about that one.
  12. But I've read someone saying PF1901 had a "rich, caramel flavour" But I do like beets. But it's supposed to be neutral, so I'm not supposed to taste beets? You know, I think I DO taste something in this glass I just prepared...it's vegetal. THAT'S whats amiss...beet spirits? And pepper . Bleach?! Please tell me what absinthe you had that tasted like bleach. Although, if you think pf1901 is mild with caramel, and others tasted it as being rich with it, it won't help me anyway, will it? Since I seem to taste the caramel like a slap in the face? Maybe I am a blanche girl through and through. Would that be the absinthe equivalent of a faux hawk? sigh.. bleach, chlorine and caramel. Uh oh! Brooks, I like the sounds of Eichelberger. I've read about it. Let's see what the Germans can brew up. Shabba, yes, I searched for people on here that had the same reaction. I've seen where Peridot has the same tasting reaction to Lucid, and have paid attention to his top 10 favourites. I figure if I stick with that, it'll be alright. I really need to go to a tasting party, or get one of those smelling kits with herbs. I saw it in some cheesy movie. They had bottles of lavendar and herbs, etc. to smell, to recognise the tastes in wine.
  13. Apologies for above unreadable post. Long time since I fooled with html. 4 glasses of absinthe already tonight, humour me! I tried to use the edit button, but decided to hell with it, it's okay to go to the cornfield! I deserve it, newb that I am!
  14. Sorry to be pedantic, but this seems to be a Swiss service, If it takes me by that big purple Milka factory, I'm all over that! Did I dream that, or did I really see that. It's in Basil, right? For you, Retrogarde, a favourite memory from my Dad: Drunk in Paris. Him and his friends parked their motorbikes on a bridge in Paris. They got drunk, then couldn't remember where they left their bikes! Must've been between 1945-1955, the year him and my mum came to Canada. Yup! I'm planning on next year's thing in New Orleans. I think that would be along the same lines as this train idea Sounds wonderful. I think I would love a campfire. Campfires are excellent for both stirring conversation or mitigating the silences in between conversations. Maybe it's just my circle of friends, but we end up talking about some really heavy (and often pseudointellectual) stuff around the campfire Uh huh. Some of the most profound converations I've heard and remembered, were around a campfire, and I was a child, no less! Nymph, how weird. When I first moved to KY in 1998, my husband would joke, "The Rainbow People will get you", he's so mean. Anyway, we all need to make a plan for next year to go to New Orleans, to the Cocktail Festival that I just read about. It'll be just like the Absinthe Train at the Grande Soiree dinner that I just read about here. I know it. THAT'S where I'm going next year, newb or not! But Nymph, put some pants on, you'll make a scene, girl!