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  1. Thanks for the info Songcatcher. I really appreciate it. If I may offer a plausible explanation to your confusion. Try to remember what the last thing you ate/drank/smoked was that day. I find certain foods, drinks, cigars, can totally change my palette for up to 10 hours. Just my 2 cents. Cheers, Bryan P.S. Some of the Spanish Obsello was 2+ years old by the time the bottles got to you. A bit of breathing time wont hurt anything.
  2. Likes to drink everyday. You are making me rethink the pricing! I don't want to be morally responsible for anyones downfall... Except my own of course.
  3. Sadly all 1000l of it was incinerated by the Spanish government when we left (tax thing) . But alas I still have the recipe... Maybe that will be the next project... Or maybe I have already done it...
  4. Ditto. And about 6 oz left of the interesting Special Reserve. Might have to do a vertical. By the way, Bryan, have you been receiving my messages? I replied to your email via several different media, but haven't heard back. I know it's a bit classless to say that here in public, but I've tried all other methods. My apologies. Hey Brian, I got at least one of your messages. Sorry about my tardy response. It's just that in the old days we had a small army working for us so I had time to do things like answer email and sleep . These days it's just Joanne and I so I have been out working on broken equipment or making booze pretty much all the time. You should have a sample in the next day or two!!!
  5. No offense taken to the previous post. I have long supported establishing a standard. Thanks for the support!!!
  6. Wahoo! I need to design a new version of the spoon now
  7. Hey Todd, I am not so much looking for approval as much as I am looking for moral support. I would like to see some form of an established standard. However, all attempts in the past have lead us no where. The truth is the time when this was a relevant debate may well be behind us. When absinthe went mainstream was when we needed something to help the uninitiated customers understand the difference between the real deal and the... not so real deal... These days absinthe is back where it was when we all came under the spell - a cult elixir. At this point I think most absinthe drinkers already get it. The above essay aside it wouldn't hurt anything to establish some form of definition.
  8. Thanks for noticing! I tried to make a subtle clue to it by posting in the which absinthe will be the first to get to $35 thread. We have long wanted to see absinthe priced like this. But everyone talked us out of it. We shall see if this works or... maybe we will go bust trying! Viva la absenta!! Thanks for the kind words!
  9. The alcohol is 55% this time. Still low but closer to original. : ) We cant make it the 68% I would like because the concentration of the botanicals gets too high to accommodate modern legislation (I think that sentence is troll proof). I don't want to get quoted out of context again.
  10. Hello Amber, So far we have shipped it to NY and CA. But I don't know what retailers are picking it up? I know DUNY will have it soon. I assume Katskill cellars will pick it up as well but I have no confirmation on that. SWEET! I cant wait to hear what you guys think!!!
  11. Thanks again guys! I can't wait to hear what you guys and gals think!!!!
  12. Estamos aqui para reconquista. Wait... were actually originally from California... What is CC? I am feeling out of the loop here... Quero provar esse absinto! Gracias amigo. Estamos encantado con el sociedad de ajenjo. Sounds better as Wormwood Society doesn't it.
  13. I doubt any has made it anywhere yet. It only shipped a few days ago. I bet if you call high times they will get it sooner rather than later! We adjusted the price to reflect our closer location, and desire to shake things up a bit so I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised when you find it. You can tell by the packaging which is which. The new ones have a subtle II under the Obsello and they are printed on matt paper with a wine closure on top. Thanks again for the support!!! It means a lot to us. -Bryan
  14. The minty-ness is something I liked, and sometimes disliked, about Obsello I. One day it would hit the spot, and other times found it distracting. Anise cookies and rum works for me all day long. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it! I also discovered the absinthe waste makes great mulch in the japanese garden!!
  15. Hey Brian, We will get you a sample ASAP so you can do an official review. Thanks for the info Pere. I remember talking with the catskill folks a while ago. Of course we were out of inventory by then. I should look that email up! Thanks for reading the thread guys.