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  1. I wonder if it's possible to move forward with your plans with the only compromise being the central theme for your bar. Instead of an "absinthe bar", you could propose an "upscale bar". The fact that the bar happens to have a Belle Époque theme and serve a massive variety of absinthe (bars can legally stock/sell absinthe right?) would be more of a side note to the upscale-experience being offered. That way, there would be very little change to your initial plans - besides maybe having to keep a shelf full of "normal" liquors along with your extensive absinthe section + glassware. Also - if "dive" is simply an issue of nomenclature (meaning - dive just defines "non specific bar"), then it seems reasonable that you could propose creation of a dive, and build it upscale anyway to the specifications that you want.
  2. Yup - luckily we get it --- although I've only seen it at specialty stores (not a ubiquitous beer that can be found at every store) If I ever go to STL, I'm definitely going to check out the Schlafly brewbup. I've only had the bottled versions of their beer, so I'd imagine its heaven on draft.
  3. I'm late on this response: Ginger snap cookies, and Schafly Pumpkin spice ale.
  4. This question is actually inspired by the thread on the increase in thujone limits: My question is how wide of a margin is there for variation/modification in recipes before its no longer taken seriously as an absinthe? I'm thinking there is a "core" set of ingredients (contains certain amounts of this or that), and I've also noticed a general coherence of authentic recipes with room for tuning the current flavors. What happens when someone does something less canonical - example - a "grapefruit pineapple guava absinthe"? Is flavoring too much of a deviation, or only acceptable when subtle (example -- a far-off background taste that you really have to pick apart through the normal flavors)?
  5. I'm pretty sure producers will want to keep flavors the same, since they don't produce their absinthe according to thujone amount, but according to what flavor they want the end product to have. I'm sure some might fiddle with some changes, but more due to fenchone regulations than thujone. Ah - gotcha. This has actually inspired another question (going to start a new thread to keep from derailing this one)
  6. I guess more thujone means more wormwood right? I wonder what it will do to the flavor?
  7. This comment comes after this thread is long dead, but here goes: I think ordinarily a lot of the great artists who were supposedly "fueled" by a substance - examples - Son House, Edgar Allen Poe, Beethoven, William S Burroughs, etc - they didn't exactly center their whole schtick on the substance itself. Burroughs was never "William B and the Arm-Shovers" or anything. John Lee Hooker might describe the act of being a "diving duck in a river of whiskey", or ordering "scotch bourbon and beer" to eliminate the bliues......but he was never "John and the Evan Williams bottle" or anything. It was more like incidental based on their personal circumstances (they may have picked up the habit along the way). To bring it up in such central context is a bit contrived IMO.
  8. I'm not sure if this has been discussed in the thread as of yet, but I'm going to toss in a few random things I [a random consumer preparing for a night on the town] would love to experience if I ever went to an absinthe themed bar: 1. Outside seating (on a patio). Even better if that patio is on the 2nd story of the building. Even better if it overlooks something interesting (like a crowded street, body of water, city skyline, etc). 2. Fancy finger-foods. I imagine going to the absinthe bar to meet friends. We would inevitably do lots of chatting, and nibbling at whatever foods we were served. I would stock the kitchen with stuff that doesn't require an army of cooking staff or dishwashers--- perhaps sausages, cheeses, crackers, breads, fruits, nuts, etc. The kind of stuff one employee could cut with a knife, and arrange on a plate. 3. muted lighting and candles I can imagine myself taking sips of absinthe, and that 110+ proof buzz starts setting in - I'd feel compelled to lean back in my chair and relax my eyes. Well.......I do this at home anyway hehe. Low lighting and candles are the perfect things for cultivating the right mindset. 4. Social games within hands reach (I'm not sure if this is the best term for it). I mean the kind of stuff like chess, checkers, cards, etc. Those are just random ideas. I don't know if they would conflict with the authentic Bella Epoque theme you were going for, but those are the kinds of things that would get me into your bar.
  9. Assuming you created a cocktail containing thujone, ethanol, and morphine (which is the active ingredient in opium), it would basically come out as a highly potent barbiturate. All I can say is nighty night!. You'll encounter the sandman faster than you'd encounter madness.
  10. After reading the OP's post, I tried looking for information on opium barrels. The only thing I could find that was close was a wiki article about the "opium wars". A portion of the article (lacking citation to back it up) talks about Britain shipping opium to China in "chests". It goes on to say that each chest contained 140lbs of Opium. Still doesn't empirically prove there were ever opium barrels, but it stands to reason (assuming it's true) that a barrel could be used as a container for a large quantity of it.
  11. Ok --- here is a fun one (stop me if I've posted this one before): You have 100 quarters scattered on the floor. 90 are tails, and 10 are heads. Devise a method to separate the quarters into piles with the same number of heads. You cannot see the quarters, only flip them.
  12. I'm dying to hear the actual problem itself.......not really the specific coding problem (if you are trying to make a web form (???) that executes a function.......I just mean the math problem itself. You should post it........
  13. Do the gold or platinum memberships come with any sort of shwag? Example: commemorative Wormwood Society tote bag Well.....then again, the overhead from making/mailing the trinkets would probably negate the benefit from the fundraiser