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  1. Hello all! Glad to find this discussion out here - I had never seen or heard of these gadgets before, so I was suspicious, and figured this would be the place to find out for sure. I saw one for sale yesterday at the Loved to Death store in San Francisco (the store featured on the SF-version of Oddities on the Science Channel, if that helps?). They didn't know much about it, but also had lots of fountains that I've only ever seen coming out of the Czech Republic so I was doubly suspicious. Hopefully they won't show it on the TV show and say something that isn't true!
  2. Hi all, long time, no post. I was actually at this event last night, Delilah's hosts an absinthe tasting every year about this time, this was the third one, I believe. The list was indeed not complete, but far ranging and a good value for $30. Although, I think it's quite difficult to meaningfully taste them after the first few, it's fun to try. Alan is pretty much right, he had what is available in Illinois. And, some of the distributors did not come through with bottles in time for the event, so a few were missing (most notably, Germain-Robin, which I was looking forward to trying). We did have the following, among others, so quite a range: Sirene Pacifique Tempus Fugit brands (all three) St. George Amerique 1912 Rouge and Verte Nouvelle Orleans Pernod Mythe Libertine Versinthe Le Tourment Verte Mata Hari Lucid and others I can't recall at the moment No girls in skimpy outfits with wings this time, and a smaller crowd, but a focused crowd that was past the hype.
  3. Joe - unfortunately, no trips to Montana planned. Someday, maybe, or perhaps you'll end up heading this way with your products! Pierre - I am thinking my next trip over there will be in March, so I will plan to get in touch with you. I look forward to it! Brian - nice to be seen and nice to be here. It's hard keeping up with everything, so I don't get here as often as I'd like. Hope all is well with you! Cheers, all.
  4. Hi Pierre (and everyone), First of all, thanks for your interest in Sirène and your purchase. I am sorry to hear that you did not enjoy it as much as either of us had hoped. After reading this thread last night, we pulled our Batch 26 sample, as well as several others, to recheck it. We found it to be a very representative batch, and consistent with the others. We have not changed our formula or process. While I do not doubt your tasting experience, our absinthe is rarely described as bitter and in need of sugar - in fact, most of the folks who drink it prefer it without sugar and at about 2.5-3:1. I don't know if something happened to that bottle in between us and you, or if perhaps our absinthe is just not to your taste. Maybe the next time I'm in St. Louis, we could meet up at a bar or liquor store, and you could taste a different batch and/or we could compare them (if you have any left). That way, we could explore it further without additional investment on your part, aside from a little time? Just a thought. Sonja Kassebaum North Shore Distillery
  5. Sonja

    Mixology Monday

    (oops, accidentally double-posted, sorry! can't figure out how to delete it)
  6. Sonja

    Mixology Monday

    I was mildly surprised that we had only one submission involving fire at all, and was pleased that no one started an argument about whether or not we were using "real" absinthe. A good sign, I hope, that our efforts at education are paying off. And your insights on Sydney are interesting, as well as what they're doing at the Absinthe Salon. I hope to visit one day!
  7. Sonja

    Mixology Monday

    Thanks again, all. The summaries are up: Part I (those with absinthe as the dominant or a prominent ingredient) Part II (those with absinthe as an accent)
  8. Sonja

    Mixology Monday

    Thanks Alan and Brian, I'll include your posts in the round-up tomorrow. And Gwydion, I try to participate in most of the Mixology Mondays, I continue to maintain my own cocktail blog and it's a fun way to get outside my normal parameters. Cheers all, so far lots of variety in cocktails! I will check back here before finishing the round-up in case we have any others.
  9. Hello all, long time no write. It just occurred to me that some folks here might be interested in submitting a cocktail for Mixology Monday, given our theme - absinthe. Mixology Monday is a monthly gathering of cocktail bloggers around the globe, where we all write about the same topic on the designated Monday. I have the privilege of hosting this month. Unfortunately, I am giving you short notice - the deadline is tonight at Midnight CST (or really, tomorrow at 10 am CST when I start writing the summary of all the posts). If you have a blog, and want to participate by writing up a favorite recipe (new or old), here's the info. If you don't have a blog, feel free to post something here, or else on the eGullet forum. Cheers.
  10. Hope you found something. In case you didn't, the Binny's location in Lincoln Park (1720 N. Marcey, formerly known as Sam's Wine & Spirits) is the only store I've seen fountains in for that group. P.O.S.H. sometimes has them also. Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. For retail stores, Binny's will have the largest selection. I'd recommend visiting the South Loop store, it's huge and has the largest section of absinthe I am aware of. They also have a bar in the store, and usually have a few bottles open and available for tasting. They have a fountain or two, and their prices are very reasonable. Some other places to visit that do traditional absinthe service: In Fine Spirits (5420 N. Clark, so on the far N side) - mentioned before -they have 4 or 5 choices Drawing Room (937 N. Rush) - also mentioned before, they have 4 or 5 choices also, somewhat different from In Fine Spirits Le Bar at the Sofitel - (20 E. Chestnut) - they have 4 choices, I believe one is LTV Those latter two are close to each other, a couple of blocks apart. Delilah's does have pretty much all of the absinthes available in Chicago on the bar, so about 20 choices. Going there will provide a great opportunity to try a bunch of them. Cheers and have fun! Marteau is not available in this market yet, so if you want to get it you'll have to ship it to someone here. Perhaps Hiram can update on his progress in that regard.
  12. Hello all. Sirene's price was indeed adjusted by the LCBO to 83.15. We are not yet sure whether this is a temporary change or not, but I will update further once we have confirmation. Sardonix, I'm very sorry to hear about your experience. It's too late now, given that you're not in the area anymore, but I will follow up on it to inquire. I have been told that the inventory system is not perfect, your experience proves that point.
  13. Hi again - just sent you a PM with details, long story short there are bottles at the Churchill store in Sault Ste. Marie now! Sardonix - your best bet for Sarnia will be to call a store and have them pre-order it for you. They can do that, all you need is the item number, which is Vintages 109330. Thanks again for your interest, and patience, while we have been working on this.
  14. Thank you for the prompting, I had some discussions with our broker but then didn't hear back - I've sent him a note to touch base, and will report back shortly.
  15. Unfortunately we don't have anything close to Sarnia, it's pretty much only in the Toronto area and Ottawa. But I'll call our broker on Monday and ask what options we have, he seemed to think we could get it other places with a little effort. Thanks for asking, and I'll report back.