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  1. My apologies for the difficulties, fellas. This is currently the best place to get a hold of our 375's. Man, what I wouldn't give to be able to ship our absinthe to you direct from the distillery. What a pain in the ass.
  2. Ok, folks. Here's a site that will deliver, and their prices are fair. They have our Abinsthe in 750 and 375 ml, and quite a few spirits from the rest of our line, including our just released Small Batch American Whiskey and our American Orange Liqueur. Cheers.... Total Beverage online
  3. Glad you got ahold of a bottle. It's going fast. Maybe we should've charged more?! BTW, it's technically a Bourbon. It's just that pot distillation really brings the corn to the fore. Something about boiling all that corn for 6 hours instead of for just a few seconds....which is what happens with column distillation, which is how that Buffalo Trace is distilled. I love Buffalo Trace, too. Especially Blanton's.
  4. leopold

    question to WS

    Marcelo, You had mentioned Brazilian coffee somewhere..... There's a Brazilian family that's sourcing and roasting coffee up in Ft. Collins called Cafe Richesse. The proprietor received his PhD in Ag. Engineering, and makes wonderful blends that I'd suspect you'd like. Give 'em a call, and tell them that Leopold Bros. sent you. We use their coffee for our coffee liqueur. Wonderful stuff from a wonderful family. Cheers! Cafe Richesse
  5. Glad you enjoyed this. Joe, can you please move this to the Leopold's thread? Gets rid of the clutter.
  6. Good to see the love for Old Granddad. See what I mean by how the package doesn't match the quality? jcbphd, we bottled the Orange Liqueur with Curacao and Bergamot yesterday.....pm me.
  7. Remember: no swearing. But you can flip the interviewer off if need be, and none will be the wiser.
  8. This is certainly a wise approach. Rob's a great guy, no question. There a lot more qualified traditional absinthe distillers here and at FV than I, but you are certainly welcome to contact me. The very, very best of luck to you and your family!
  9. Ah, I misunderstood. Rob is producing this for you at Colorado Pure. Are you planning on opening Overland Distillery in Loveland at some point?
  10. Glad you've all enjoyed what you've tried! Thanks for the kind words, DP.
  11. My apologies. We're working on it. That's the very 1st store to carry it. It's a great place (on site), but I was unaware of their shipping policies.
  12. You can finally get bottles of our Absinthe Verte in 375 ml bottles at Schneider's of Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. And yes, they mail order, too. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Cheers! Leopold's Spirits at Schneider's of Capitol Hill
  13. Old Grand Dad, Bottled in Bond that a couple of Jim Beam reps were nice enough to bring to the distillery today. So underrated it's just plain sad......
  14. I was afraid of that. I can't keep all the personas straight. Happy Birthday! ...is my point.
  15. Wanted to wish you a happy birthday, and to thank you for working through the Savoy Book. It's wonderful to see the historical side of our profession in action, and to see someone that has the discipline to carry through and put the necessary effort into reviving all these classics. Cheers to you, sir.
  16. To clarify, we don't use an old recipe, per se. We just distill and color/aromatize our Absinthe in the traditional manner. That statement you found is simply to help people to understand that that this is traditionally distilled absinthe.....as opposed to the artificially colored, oil mixture crap.
  17. Good advice, IMHO, if you've never had Absinthe before. Our Absinthe doesn't have as many historical underpinnings as, say, Pacifique.
  18. Which part? Heh, I actually just realized what you wrote....that it was the best curacao available in America, rather than the best American Curacao. I was reacting to the notion that ours would be the only curacao made in America....low bar, I know. The only crappy thing about living in PA is the stupid liquor laws. I was actually born in PA. My dad designed the trails, rest area, and showers at Federal park near Warren. Beautiful State.
  19. That will change next week. But you still won't be able to get it in PA.
  20. Oh, and Absomphe (et. al.)...we've got Rum barrels heading to a Rock Bottom in Colorado Springs, and it looks like our Rye Barrels (15 gallons ea.) are headed to Avery for a neat project that I'll tell you about when it's ok.
  21. Ah, well, you'll love this, then. The Bergamot is in the nose, for sure, but the flavor of Bergamot shows up at the very tail end of the fade, just tickling you tongue. It's a "ok....wow. What was that?" sort of thing that makes you want more. I considered putting it down in barrels, but that finish is too delicate to screw with..... If it ain't broke....
  22. It's ~70% corn. It doesn't have to be anywhere close to that, functionally speaking. We put the full fermented mash our pot still. The big whiskey producers don't do this....they use a continuous still, which doses a steady stream of distillers in with live steam. In other words, the fermented mash is only heated for a few seconds rather than 5 or 6 hours of cooking in a pot still. As a result, the corn flavors are much more prominent in a pot distilled distillate than a continuous still. So the amount of corn needed in the grist isn't the same. But we use ~70% nonetheless.