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  1. Don't care what anyone says. Fat Tire's a fine, fine beer. It's actually nicer out of a can, IMHO. Filling cans instead of bottles always picks up less oxygen.
  2. Well, I guess I know what me and the missus will be drinking tonight. Well done!
  3. Yes, yes it is.....even if it's less than 5 seconds of press! I can understand why they made the cuts, though. My demonstration of mashing doesn't really fit in with the story they're telling. I like the show, though. So there's that.
  4. I haven't seen it yet----was at the airport-----but from what I'm told, you didn't miss anything. They put in the one part that I was hoping that they didn't, and cut all the parts I hoped would make it--- where I explained mashing and fermentation. Life in the big city! But the good news is, it didn't cost us a thing.....
  5. Ha! Isn't it funny how things work out like that?!? Yeah--for all I know, all the parts they filmed at our place wound up on the cutting room floor. But, HEY! How come I didn't get a T-shirt?!
  6. Autograph, eh? Whenever we get press like this, our enormous staff of three walks around speaking in a nice, deep, falsetto----ala Will Farell in Anchorman----introducing ourselves to each other as "Kind of a Big Deal". Kind Of A Big Deal in "Anchorman" We then look at each other when we're mopping the floor or washing the cow crap off our grain out bins, and ask, "are you sure that a Big Deal like myself should be handling cow poo?" We then complain that "people know me, you know". Sadly, being a Big Deal doesn't spare us from reeking of a horrible mixture of corn, sweat, and wormwood at the end of the day. We've also noted how many of our spirits smell like "rich mahogany".
  7. Don't congratulate me yet, fellas. They fed me some canned lines that sounded like George Lucas wrote them, if you know what I mean. Some of it is sure to be godawful. Can't say no to the Discovery Channel, though. They did a real neat separation process using a small lab still that I hope turned out well, though. You'll see what I mean.
  8. We're on the program "How Whiskey Made America" on the Discovery Channel this Sunday, June 6th at 10 PM EST ! Be sure to tune in, so that you can make fun of my blown lines. How Whiskey Made America TV schedule
  9. Absinthe has been a rough ride, I'd imagine, if you're looking to be one of the big boys. It went from being the fastest selling spirit in the US, to the slowest selling spirit in the US, in a matter of months...heck, in some areas, a matter of days. I can only imagine what effects this has had on the "big" players making distilled absinthe. I think that this situation has had a hand in crafting the IGP. Maybe I'm wrong.
  10. It was stuck in my spam folder, I'm assuming because of the attachments. Thank you!
  11. "so little to lose...." Ha. "sometimes it's better to not get the invitation". Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm the last name on the phone tree. I can't foresee a situation where it'd be illegal for us to make our absinthe, but what the hell do I know? I'm coloring some of my un-sanctioned Absinthe on Sunday, Peter. Do you suppose some local Nestle employees will picket out front? Have a great weekend, Peter.
  12. This is more than a little strange. My experience with this sort of thing is that the big dogs contact the little dogs like me, hoping to present a unified front from small to big player, making for a much stronger voice. The fact that they haven't contacted you, Peter, is very odd. I haven't been contacted by anyone, and wouldn't have seen this if GS wasn't good enough to put this on ADI. Thanks, G.
  13. This is a very strange move. Don't understand why they would think that this is either historically accurate (we all know that absinthe was made in other countries other than Switzerland), or financially prudent. Funny to think that the Czech producers and Pernod Ricard are likely to be the biggest opponents of this move. But IMHO, Mr. Matter shouldn't be comforted. The instant you involve politicians and money, anything is possible, and logic goes out the window in a hurry. Wondering when we'll be getting the call from the boys at Viridian. And I'm pretty confident that Pernod Ricard can outspend any efforts by that small assemblage of distillers. Heck, I'd think that Pernod Ricard could outspend the Swiss Govt. if it feels that its interests are threatened. This doesn't make much sense to me.
  14. Not a fan of Avery's? Ellie's Brown is one of my go-to session beers when it's cold.
  15. New Belgian Kriek. I've never tasted so much cherry stone in a beer. Wow.
  16. You in fact might only be one degree of separation from the vintage whisky guy I've been telling you about. Ha. If that's true, he's coming to the distillery next week. Maybe I should beat the hell out him, and take his vintage whiskey?
  17. Don't worry, Abs, I'll set aside one for you. Brian, you'll love this.....we also discussed using our spent Pisco barrels when we were at N Belg. I can't think of another barrel aged spirit that would go better with sour beer...whether it's Brett. or Lactobacillus....than Pisco. Ok, maybe Absinthe. This is going to be a fun collaboration! Did I mention how much I love brewers? Strike that. How much I love talented brewers?
  18. Ok Absomphe..... Dropped off an empty Apple Whiskey barrel at New Belgium. Lauren, the Master Brewer of their sour beer program (if she doesn't have that title, she should...holy cow, is she good. No lab work: she does it all by taste, just like I do) is going to use it for a Saison that she is delivering to a well-known Bourbon bar in Chicago. She promised to peel off a few bottles for me, so stay tuned. We're dropping off a Blackberry Whiskey barrel next week....... Avery and Leopold's are still trying to get their act together (we're both super busy), so we'll see where that heads soon enough.
  19. Had a nice Chocolate Yeti Imperial Stout on tap at Great Divide. Raised a glass to Absomphe. Then, a Gibson at the Grand Hyatt in Denver with Leopold's Gin. Wonderful evening. Cheers, WS.
  20. We've got bars here primed here in CO for Delaware Phoenix whenever she's ready. BTW, there's a neat little absinthe bar in Breckenridge that has bottles from the crew.....Vieux Pont., Doubs, Clandestine, Marteau, Pacifique, the Jades, and even a bottle of Helfrich's work. Just missing some of the work from the lovely lady in Upstate NY......and I certainly planted the seed with the proprietor.
  21. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed them. Aren't they fun? Some turn their nose up at the idea of an infused whiskey, but not after trying some. Lighten up, and enjoy the craft. Most don't know that much, or even most, of the quality whiskey sold before prohibition had fruit in it as a blending agent. Not quite as much fruit as I add to our fruit whiskies, but there's quite a bit of history behind the use of fruit in whiskies: Peach for Bourbon, and Raisins, Figs, or Apples for Rye.
  22. Dropping it in Ale sounds fantastic, Peter.