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  1. Quantity is a big issue. It's not like a liqueur with that has only, what, 24% of it's volume as base spirit? Abinthe gobbles up base spirit like there's no tomorrow. Are you part owner there, Hiram? Or are you sharing space?
  2. Well, Petit Wormwood is a new herb to me. Holy Cow, the aroma is just addictive. My assistant and I are trying to come up with another use for it. Maybe a spiced rum? The stuff is just heavenly, and so doggone unique. I'm picking up a whole new shipment of it (and other botanicals) at DIA tomorrow....airfrieghted from some place called "Europe". Can't wait. I need a drink!
  3. Thanks, Sonja. Scott and I grew up in Denver (we both went to Columbine HS), so it's a sort of homecoming. I look forward to trying your absinthe as well. Keep up the great work! Todd
  4. It's a single grape aromatic Pisco from the Muscat of Alexandria grape. I rectify it once before I use it as a base for the Absinthe....straight Pisco would be too distracting, IMHO. The esters from the Pisco provide a nice foundation for the rest of the herbs. I just tell customers that it's a grape spirit base, because if I told them it was Pisco, it would just confuse the hell out them....and for most folks, absinthe is confusing enough all by itself. Pisco is a criminally overlooked spirit. It's starting to get noticed, though. A well-made pisco sour is one of the very finest cocktails in the world. Or at least I personally think it is. As for potatoes, we just get potatoe (tm: Dan Quayle) flakes that are pre-gelatinzed. I only use the potato to get a silken finish in the vodka and gin, so there's not much point in handling the potatoes from start to finish.
  5. We won't have either a tasting room or scheduled distillery tours. My brother and I just finished running a bar with a capacity of 400. After 10 years of that....we're ready to have more regular hours and a little peace and quiet. That said, I'd be happy to show you around when we're settled. Remind me in a couple of months. As far as plans, it's a typical small distillery. We make our own wash, whether it's for whiskey or vodka. The exception is our Absinthe, and we use Pisco (a type of brandy) as our base there. We do not make the Pisco ourselves. I will say that the aged Verte is coming along. The o2 is doing its job. IMHO, the dominant aroma (undliuted) is of Petit Wormwood, with Grande Wormwood in the background. Happily, I was able to source Petit Wormwood of an unbelievably high quality....the aroma from the cask makes my knees buckle. It isn't until the addition of water that the rest of the orchestra comes out. It has a nice coriander note, and the anise blends in nicely. The Grande Wormwood shows up at the end. I would not describe it as a Anise bomb, although it is by far the largest ingredient by weight. It's tucked in behind the rest of the botanicals, which is where I like it. I would describe it as a "femine" absinthe, as I've seen elsewhere. Smells like freshly cut flowers, rather than a bag of licorice that's been left in a car in the hot Texas sun. Cheers.... Oh, and yes, we're working on SC....but that's been slow going.
  6. Don't mind questions at all. Only green anise. I don't care for star anise.
  7. Thank you for the welcome. Re: Sirene, North Shore Distillery is the real deal. Their spirits are fantastic, and although I have not had the pleasure of enjoying their Absinthe, I have no doubt that it's out of this world. Their Gin No. 6 as well as their Aquavit are wonderful. If you like Absinthe, I would imagine that you'd love Aquavit...and in particular, North Shore's Aquavit. And no, I don't know the owners. Haven't had the pleasure of meeting them.
  8. Please excuse the quoting, but: Awwww....Crap! My apologies....I forgot. Bad distiller! Ahem. Correction. Both Hiram and Shabba were kind enough to invite me over here. Derrick, we're in the process of updating our website, so the only place you can find out more about my absinthe is right here. Questions are welcome about process, as well as to what my favorite color is. (hint: it's not purple) I'll let you cats know which stores carry it when it becomes available, but I'd like to maintain the spirit and rules of this site and avoid questions that deal with commerce, if it's all the same.
  9. Hello All. Hiram was kind enough to invite me to visit this site. Thank you, Hiram. I am a distiller in Denver, Colorado, having just moved from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I've been brewing for 13 years, and distilling for 7. Our Absinthe Verte is being rolled out as I type this in CA, Colorado, DC, VA, GA. I'm not sure which exact days they'll show up on the shelves....but soon. I make over a dozen different spirits, including vodka, gin, fruit infused whiskeys, and a variety of liqueurs. As to my absinthe, it's made with brandy, and distilled at high proof in a potstill with plates and a dephlegmator. I add Anise, Fennel, Veronica, G. Wormwood, Coriander to the still, and R. Wormwood, Hyssop, and Melissa for coloring. I rest it in fairly neutral used wine barrels before release. Cheers! Todd