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  1. Congratulations on all the expansions, Joe (Southern W&S? Well done)! It warms my heart to see your family operation succeeding. As you are getting more into the industry, you are surely finding how many people got into this game to chase a quick buck. It's wonderful to see a shop run by people who actually want to MAKE something. Best of continued luck! Todd
  2. The others hit on it..... imho, what you are tasting is the Pisco base. My suggestion would be to hit your local fine liquor store and grab a bottle of Pisco and judge for yourself. Worst thing that could happen is that you'd enjoy a few Pisco sours. Thank you for your interest!
  3. It's a new harvest of the greenest, highest quality Hyssop I've ever seen that led to that greener final color..... Glad you enjoyed it. K&L picks up the odd bottle of Absinthe here and there. Those cats would be happy to get you a bottle. All you need to do is call ahead and give them a few days to receive the order. Happy Father's Day to you pap pies out there!
  4. I can take care of that. Send me an email at distiller at leopoldbros dot com Cheers!
  5. If we're looking for 80's tunes that had soul and some grit that you'd hear at a Tower Records, Waterboys, Sonic Youth, Pretenders, English Beat, Joe Jackson, PiL, P Furs, Pixies, the Jam, Style Council, Billy Bragg, earlier Echo, earlier U2, the Alarm, the Replacements.... Then there's all the Hip Hop and West Coast Punk. Lotsa soulful stuff out there in those days. Just had to turn off the radio.
  6. Fantastic telling of a wonderful journey. Thank you for sharing that.
  7. Spot on right here. Nothing worse for your still than molasses. We stopped making our rum until we have a dedicated still.
  8. Distilled Cardamom? Oooh, sounds familiar, I bet that was it. And re-reading this I noticed I said "taste", I believe we just passed it around to smell, not taste. Whatever it was, I remember smelling it and wanting to take it home. It was cardamom. Cardamom distills wonderfully.....
  9. Yeah, well: a little story about Voyager. I was in both Portland and Seattle in the fall of last year for a wedding. We brought some of our spirits to show some of the bartenders I know what we're up to in Denver. Not a sales call, as we don't sell our wares out that way. So I met quite a few folks at some pretty well known bars, some of which had been to our little shop, and other were brand new friends. I noticed that there was a complete absence of local spirits on the backbars in one of the cities in question, and asked a pretty famous bartender why there weren't any local spirits served at any of the area bars, and he angrily replied, because they're all horrible". (his words, not mine as I only had one local spirit) Guess which Gin they did carry? And guess what I had in a Gibson? Very well done, sir.
  10. Go to Holeman and Finch, and ask them to make you a few Gin cocktails. And thus ends your dislike of Gin. (and bring a driver) This summer we are kid free so I will put that on the list. Don't have to wait that long. Order Voyager Gin online. Great introduction to great American Gin.
  11. Did you buy just two, or a full case? (let me guess: Schneider's?)
  12. Go to Holeman and Finch, and ask them to make you a few Gin cocktails. And thus ends your dislike of Gin. (and bring a driver)
  13. Well, that's quite the honor, isn't it? Thank you for taking it to your folks. Hope they're fond of it.
  14. We're just about to begin distribution in Tennessee any day now. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the interest, folks.
  15. Cypress was used almost exclusively for brewing/whiskey equipment and fermenters in the US. Our current fermenters are cypress. Tidewater Cypress has a neat quirk in that it contains a chemical that is toxic to termites: cypressene. Beechwood aging is the practice of floating wood chips in a fermenter. The yeast clings to the bottom of the chips, making it so that the beer ferments more quickly and completely because the normally bottom fermenting yeast (Bud uses a lager strain) is both at the top and the bottom of the fermenter. Wish I could try a pint of that beer, Artemis. Same goes for the Dr. Nut, actually. I've always loved regionalized candies and sodas.